Services Name Activation Code Charges Description
Gita *123*71# 30 Begin your day with a shloka from Bhagwad Geeta. Get sholkas every day
MoneyMatter *123*43# 30 For valuable basic information on Finance and for Stock Index Updates
MegaCombo *123*01# 50 Get 4 in 1 Astrology, Latest News, Catch Live Cricket scores and Latest Stock updates from BSE and NSE
GANESHA *123*514# 30 Sukh Karta Dukh Harta aur Vighna hartha Shri Ganesha ki chatmatkari kahaniya janiye apne phone par
SAIBABA *123*724# 30 Sai Baba ke kathan ko apne jeevan mein apnaye aur banaiye apna jeevan sukhmay and chinta mukt
GK *123*508# 30 To know Amazing Facts and Belief. To boost your General Knowledge
GENERALJOKES *123*400# 30 Har roz payein chulbule aur manmohak jokes apne mobile par
Gandhiji *123*08# 30 Know more about the father of the nation.
Gurubaani *123*61# 30 Gurubaani Ek Omkar Satnaam….Shri Wahe Guruji kee baani ko japiye aur banaaye apna jeevan sukhmay
FREEDOM *123*512# 25  Indian freedom struggle. Imagine how would be a life without Independence
HISTORY *123*77# 25 To learn about significant global historical events 
SAIBABA *123*724# 30 Know why people have such immense faith in Shirdis Sai Baba-the man who made miracles possible
SHEROSHAYARI *123*600# 30 Mehfil mein rang jamaaye, apni shaayari se sabke hosh uda de. Paaiye apne moblie par Sher O Shaayari
BUNTY AND BABLI *123*58# 30 Babli:Shadi Ke Certificate Main Kya Dhundh Rahe Ho? Bunty:Expiry Date.Payein Bunty Babli Jokes
CHANGOO AND MANGOO *123*52# 30 Changoo:Suraj subah hi kyu aata hai , Mangoo: Usey andhere se dar lagta hai
FOOLFUN *123*420# 30 Get creative pranks to stun your friends this April Fools Day
FRIENDSHIP *123*227# 30 This Friendship Day, express your gratitude towards your buddies.
GOODMORNING *123*232# 30 Each morning brings with itself a new hope and a world of possibilities
GOODNIGHT *123*230# 30 At days end, relax yourself in the lap of the night. Set your worries aside with our daily good night messages