Broadband Plans Upto 16 Mbps on ADSL

Monthly Service ChargesDownload Speed & Fair Usage Policy (FUP) Quota in GBsFree Voice Benefits in Combo Plan
2 Mbps4 Mbps6 Mbps8 Mbps10 Mbps16 Mbps
Rs. 600 12 35 10 30 8 25 6 20 -   -   Nil
Rs. 800 25 70 20 55 15 40 12 35 -   -   Nil
Rs. 1,000 50 125 35 90 25 65 22 55 20 50 18 45 Nil
Rs. 1,500 75 150 70 140 65 130 60 120 55 110 50 100 Unlimited MTNL (Mum+DLI)
Rs. 2,000 120 210 110 195 100 175 90 160 80 140 70 125 Unlimited All NW + STD.
Rs. 2,500 - - 180 270 160 240 140 210 120 180 100 150 Unlimited All NW + STD.
Rs. 3,000 - - 250 375 240 360 225 340 200 300 180 270 Unlimited All NW + STD.
Entertainment Unlimited
- - 12 35 - - - - - - - - Nil

Terms and conditions

  • The new FUP quota is offered as promotional offer from 16-03-2017 to 13-06-2017. After expiry of promotional offer original plan FUP quota will be restored.
  • Data usage includes uploads and downloads.
  • In combo plans Rent free Landline will be provided with call benifits given as above. Outgoing calls will charged at Re.1 per pulse (as per Landline 250 plan).

High Speed Broadband Plans on VDSL or Fiber

Plan NameMonthly Service ChargesFUP (GB)DN SpeedFree Voice Benefits  in Combo Plan & FTTH
High Speed 950 Rs. 950 15 35 50 Mbps Nil
High Speed 1299 Rs. 1,299 35 70 50 Mbps Nil
High Speed 1549 Rs. 1,549 60 110 50 Mbps Unlimited Calls to MTNL (Mum+DLI) Network
High Speed 2049 Rs. 2,049 75 130 50 Mbps Unlimited  Calls to All NW + STD.
High Speed 2999 Rs. 2,999 150 265 50 Mbps Unlimited  Calls to All NW + STD.
High Speed 3999 Rs. 3,999 250 375 50 Mbps Unlimited  Calls to All NW + STD.
Very High Speed 4999 Rs. 4,999 250 375 100 Mbps Unlimited  Calls to All NW + STD.
Very High Speed 7999 Rs. 7,999 600 900 100 Mbps Unlimited  Calls to All NW + STD.
Fibre Unlimited 10M Rs. 24,199 Unlimited Unlimited 10 Mbps Unlimited  Calls to All NW + STD.
Fibre Unlimited 20M Rs. 43,999 Unlimited Unlimited 20 Mbps Unlimited  Calls to All NW + STD.


FTTH Voice Services

Fixed Monthly ChargesFree CallsCall Charges beyond free callsCall Packs for Additional Calls
Rs. 50    50 Calls    Rs. 1.00 per pulse or as per selected Call Pack   Rs. 50 65 calls
Rs. 100 140 Calls
Rs. 200 290 Calls

MTNL Mumbai's popular landline plans "Plan 290 (150 calls)", "Plan 500 (450 calls)" & "Plan 1000 (1000 calls)" are also avialable to Fibre to the Home (FTTH) voice customers.

 CPE Charges

Charges for Customer premise Equipment (CPE) supplied by MTNL  
CPE TypeOne time Upfront CPE chargesMonthly CPE Charges
ADSL Normal CPE Rs. 300 (Rs.50 for old & repired) Rs.70 p.m.
ADSL WiFi CPE Rs. 600 (Rs.100 for old & repired) Rs.70 p.m.
Additional WiFi CPE for enhancing coverage Rs. 1,000 Rs.100 p.m.
VDSL Normal CPE Rs. 1,000 Rs.70 p.m.
VDSL WiFi CPE Rs. 1600 (to be taken in 4 equal installments of Rs.400 in bill). Waived off for new bookings with annual plan or annual payment option from 16-03-2017. Rs.120 p.m.
Line Bonding CPE Rs. 600 Rs.70 p.m.
FTTH ONT Rs. 1,000 Rs.70 p.m.

Broadband Data Top Up

Customers can avail following data topups to retain high speed even after expiry of plan FUP quota.

Data Topup MRP (excluding taxes)Topup Usage
Rs. 100 3 GB
Rs. 200 8 GB
Rs. 300 12 GB
Rs. 500 25 GB
Rs. 700 35 GB
Rs. 900 60 GB
Rs. 1,200 100 GB
Rs. 1,800 200 GB

Terms and conditions

  • Data Top Ups can be availed by all Fair Usage Policy (FUP) based Unlimited Plan Customers of ADSL, VDSL and FTTH.
  • Data Top Ups will be valid for Calendar month and will be charged in next bill.
  • Opted Data Top Ups should not be greater than customer plan FUP LImit. For eg. An BB-800-4M plan customer with 70 GB FUP limit can top up only 3 GB to 60 GB.
  • How to Book : Book online visit at MTNL Selfcare Portal You can also call 1500 from your landline and book topup or visit nearest Customer Center.
  • Service tax will be extra as applicable.


Value Added Services

static IP

Static IP Charges  Rs.2000 per IP per annum
Rs. 200 per IP per month

Get Static IP/ Pool & Use Many Advance Services

Static IP can be used to host various advanced services like CCTV, personal website, file sharing etc. Static IP addresses are more reliable for Voice over Internet Protocol  (VOIP), more reliable to host a gaming website or to play X-Box, Play Station, use Virtual Private Network for secure access to files from your company network computer, etc. Static IP addresses are also great if you use your computer as a server, as it should give your file server faster file uploads and downloads. 

MTNL provides Static IP and IP Pools of 4,8,16 & 32 IPs. The rates are Rs.2000 per IP per annum. Monthly payment option is also available for Rs.200 p.m. per IP.

Static IP Charges

ParticularsPool SizeWAN IPTotal IP'sMonthly Charges
@Rs. 200 per IP
Annual Charges
@ Rs. 2000 per IP
Static IP - - 1 Rs. 200 Rs. 2,000
Static IP Pool  4 4 IP 1 IP 5 Rs. 1,000 Rs. 10,000
Static IP Pool  8 8 IP 1 IP 9 Rs. 1,800 Rs. 18,000
Static IP Pool  16 16 IP 1 IP 17 Rs. 3,400 Rs. 34,000

How to Book

  • Call 1500 ( For Existing Broadband Customers)
  • Visit To Your Nearest CSC. To Know about your nearest CSC Click Here
  • Book Online Click here

Charges for Additional Upload Speed

Upload SpeedMonthly Charges 
256 Kbps Rs. 100
1 Mbps Rs. 300
5 Mbps Rs. 600
10 Mbps Rs. 1,000

Note :

  •  Higher upload speed above 1 Mbps is subject to feasibility and CPE compatibility.
  •  Additonal upload speed of 1Mbps and above will be available only to VDSL and FTTH connections.


Charges for Email Services

One email ID with Broadband connection FREE  
Additional E-mail ID  Rs. 400 per annum (100 MB capicity)


Other Charges

Broadband Shifting Charges Rs. 300    
Safe custody charges     
ADSL, VDSL & Line Bonding Connections Rs. 100 p.m.    
FTTH Connection Rs.1000 or 50% of monthly service charges, whichever is less.    
One Time Registration Charges Waived Off
DSL Activation & testing charges (with telephone bill) Rs. 300


Upload Speed  

 Plan SpeedPre FUP Upload Speed Post FUP Upload Speed 
  2 Mbps,4 Mbps and 6 Mbps   768 kbps  512 Kbps
 8 Mbps,10 Mbps and 16 Mbps 1 Mbps 512 Kbps
10 Mbps VDSL Plans  5 Mbps 512 Kbps
For All Plans Given On Line Bonding  2 Mbps 512 kbps


 Terms and conditions 

  • Customer may buy additional upload speed as per existing tariff.
  • Customer may also use Data Top Ups  to get pre FUP speed after exhausting FUP Quota.
  • In combo plans Rent free Landline will be provided with no free calls and outgoing calls will charged at Re.1 per pulse (as per Landline 250 plan).
  • Customer may also use Landline Add-on Packs for making landline calls.
  • SMS/Email notification will be sent after reaching 80% and 100% FUP limit of your plan.
  • Customers who want BB plan alongwith their existing Landline plan may choose Non-Combo plan.
  • Fair Usage Policy in all FUP plans is applicable for one calendar month. Fresh FUP as per selected plan is made available to customer from 1st of every month.
  • Existing customer migrating to FUP plan or customer booking new broadband in between a month will get Fair Usage Policy on proportionate basis for the remaining days of the month.
  • MTNL supplied Broadband CPE (Modem/Router) belongs to MTNL and in event of non-return of equipment customer will have to pay applicable charges.
  • Port Charges of Rs.150 per month will be applicable if connection given using Line-bonding technology utilizing two lines/ports.
  • Download Speed indicated are only upto MTNL ISP node and are given on best effort basis as per TRAI guidelines.
  • Customers will get  4 email id (4MB) with  DSL_unlimited_4999 plans, 6 email id (4MB) with  DSL_unlimited_9999 plans.
  • Upload speed  for 8Mbps Plans (given on Line bonding) is 2Mbps upto Fair Usage Policy (FUP) quota and 512 Kbps afterwards.
  • The data usage limit wherever mentioned includes downloads and uploads.
  • 4 Mbps and above plans can be taken as Standalone Broadband category i.e 4 Mbps and above plans can be taken without landline connection.
  • In combo plans Calls to any Landline & Mobile Network Both Mumbai as well as Delhi shall be free between 10:00 PM to 07:00 AM.
  • In combo plans all STD calls shall be charged 1 MCU per 180 sec between 10:00 PM to 07:00 AM .
  • Speed metioned subjected to technical feasibility. 
  • VDSL+FTTH plans having post connection payment option of quarterly, half yearly and annual may be allowed. Discount equivalent to 7 days, 15 days and 1 month on broadband service charges may be given to customers who opt quarterly, half yearly and annual payment option respectively.
  • In case of VDSL, Plans will be available on Combo and Non-combo version at same rate.
  • A rent free Landline will be provided on above combo plans
  • No free calls allowed,outgoing calls will be charged at Re.1 per pulse (as existing) 
  • Security Deposit for Voice Services in FTTH
    • Local / STD facility : Rs.1000/- (to be collected in 2 equal installments)
    • ISD facility : Rs.3000/- (to be collected in 6 equal installments) 
  • MTNL provides an usage alerts via SMS, email to our customers when they reach 80% and then 100% of thier FUP Limit.
  • Customer can update their Mobile No and email id by registering at
  • Customers may request Data Top Ups  by calling at 1500 or may apply to nearest CSC.
  • First usable static IP address will need to be used as your subnet gateway IP.
  • Service Tax extra as applicable.

Important Note : For truly Unlimited plans there is no fair usage policy, however MTNL reserve the rights  to discontinue the benifits if the plan is used beyond the prescribed TRAI Guidelines for any commercial / telemarketing activities. This will be also applicable to customers of fair usage unlimited plans.


Unlimited Plans

PlanMonthly Service ChargesDownload SpeedFree Calls in Combo Plan
Narrowband_TNF_Unlimited_550 Rs. 550 Day -1 Mbps (7am to 7pm) & night - 1.5Mbps (7pm to 7am) As per opted Landline Plan
Narrowband_TNF_Unlimited_650 Combo Rs. 650 Day -1 Mbps (7am to 7pm) & night - 1.5Mbps (7pm to 7am) Nil
DSL Unlimited 2M Rs. 2,499 2 Mbps Unlimited Calls in MTNL N/W (Mumbai and Delhi), other Local Networks and All India STD.
DSL Unlimited 4M Rs. 3,499 4 Mbps Unlimited Calls in MTNL N/W (Mumbai and Delhi), other Local Networks and All India STD.
DSL Unlimited 8M Rs. 4,499 8 Mbps Unlimited Calls in MTNL N/W (Mumbai and Delhi), other Local Networks and All India STD.