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Mirai Botnet Affecting IoT Devices

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50% reduction in Prices of Landline Premium Numbers

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Now MTNL, Mumbai Landline/Dolphin customers can pay their bills using UPI, BharatQR on Selfcare Portal

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Opportunities to partner with MTNL for provision of FTTH services on Revenue share basis.
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Prime Commercial Space on Rent

More than 3 Lac Sq. Ft. commercial space in MTNL Buildings at strategic locations across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Mira-Bhayandar available for lease For more details click here

Renting Space for Vending Van Parking at BKC TE Compound

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How to get

The procedure for allotment of STD/ISD/Local PCOs is as follows:

  •  STD/ISD and Local PCO forms are free of charge. PCO applications are to be submitted at CSCs.
  •  For local PCOs Security Deposit has been reduced to Rs.500/- w.e.f. 01.09.2006. So, now PCOs are to be provided after taking an individual Security Deposit of Rs. 500/- in case of Local PCOs & Rs. 2000/- for STD/ISD PCOs by Demand Draft or cash. PCOs will be approved on the spot by the CSC and issue Demand Note/Work orders across the counter.
  • PCO Booth arrangements are to be made by the PCO holder.
  •  In case of STD/ISD or Local PCO, the applicant should submit following documents along with the application.

              (The Applicant will submit self-attested Photocopy of the documents along with originals, for                                        on the Spot verification & return)

     (a)  Proof of Identity & Age-Any one of the following documents 

  1. Voter's Photo Identity Card.
  2. Driving Licence
  3. PAN Card issued by Income Tax authorities.
  4. Pass Port
  5. Ration Card

       (b) Attestation of signature of the applicant by his/her Banker (original only).

  • The security deposit to be reviewed and raised by AO(TR) depending on the billing pattern as per the practice.
  • No need to execute any PCO agreement with the franchisee.However the applicant should give an undertaking in the enclosed proforma. No stamp paper is required for the undertaking.
  •  QCSC counter clerk will verify the documents with originals and certify the verification on Photocopies under his/her Signature, Name ,Staff No. and Designation. Once the documents are verified Counter-Person will take the required deposit in Cash or by Draft & issue work order. The payments recieved will be sent to AO (Cash) daily. In case documents are not complete, the counter person will politely inform about the necessary documents required for the application.
  •  There is no limit on maximum number of PCOs at a place. Any number of PCOs can be provided at one place. However in case of bulk booking of 10 or more PCOs, Area GMs and Vigilance Units are to be intimated as per DOT instructions.
  •  Additional PCO on request will be provided through similar procedure mentioned above by taking a deposit of Rs. 2000/- per additional STD PCO and Rs. 500/- for Local PCO. The revenue of existing STD/Local PCO need not be taken into account for additional PCOs.
  • On issue of work order , SDE External of the area will visit the premises & confirm accessibility of the premises to the public, availability of prescribed TEC approved Charging Device for STD PCO and CCB PCO instrument for Local PCO will be put through after completion of these formalities.


All India CCB PCO's

Sl.No. Particulars Charges
1. Local landline calls,calls to MTNL local Garuda and Dolphin & MTNL,Delhi landline/Garuda 60 sec(w.e.f 01/03/12)
2. Local other Mobile calls 60 sec(w.e.f 01/03/12)
3. Intra circle  
  < 50 km 60 sec
  50-100 km * 60 sec
  100 km * 60 sec
4. Inter Circle * 60 sec
5. ISD Not Allowed
6. Accessibility Both intra circle & inter circle calls and Maharashtra mobile calls accessible only on Level-0.
Adjoining area (<50 km)and calls to MTNL Delhi accessible on Level-95
7. Rate/Pulse Re 1(inclusive of service Tax)
8. Security deposit Rs. 1000/-
9. Charging on Local charging
10. Type of CPE CCB/external disconnector
11. Billing Cycle Fortnightly
12. Minimum Guarantee Rs. 150/fortnight (w.e.f.01/06/10)
13. Commissionion on
  • Upto 4000 calls/month : 35%
  • >4000 calls/month : 45% (only for calls above 4000)
Commission payable after adjusting service Tax.
14. Modification in CCB Local PCO`s migrating to this plan will require modification
in CCB instrument/external call disconnector
15. OCB,EWSD,5ESS New exchange category can be created
16. Fetex-150 New category cannot be created. For local PCO`s migrating
to this plan number change will be involved


Tariff for STD/ISD PCO


Sl.No. Particulars Charges
1. Security Deposit Rs.2000/-(Initially to be raised to one month bill amount)
2. Minimum Guarantee Rs.250/- per month (w.e.f.01/06/10)
3. Pulse duration New Delhi calls permitted as local call.
Varying duration upon station dialled for rest of India/World.
4. Rate per pulse Rs.1.20/pulse (per 60 secs.)
5. Terminal Instrument Call Logger
6. Commission Upto 5000 calls - 30%
Beyond 5000 calls - 40%
(Commission is on monthly call basis for both)


Tariff for Local PCO


Sl.No. Particulars Charges
1. Security Deposit Rs.500/-
2. Minimum Guarantee Rs.150/- per month (w.e.f.01/06/10)
3. Pulse duration 60 secs. (w.e.f. 01/03/2012)
4. Rate per pulse Re.1.00/-
5. Commission per call Upto 3000 calls - 40%
Beyond 3000 calls - 50%


Tariff for Handicapped PCO

Sl.No. Particulars Charges
1. Security Deposit Nil
2. Minimum Guarantee Rs.100/- per month
3. Pulse duration 60 secs. (w.e.f. 01/03/2010)
4. Rate per pulse Re.1.00/-
5. Commission per call 50% flat (commission paid on
monthly call basis)



Get Additional PCO

PCO holder

  •  PCO holder need not pay installation charge and security deposit.
  •  There will not be any minimum guarantee to be collected from this additional PCO.
  • This PCO will be either Local, HPCO, All India CCB PCO or STD/ISD PCO and will be linked to the existing PCO.
  •  This facility will be extended to the PCO holders who opts this and there should not be any outstanding arrears against such PCO holders.
  •  This additional PCO will be linked to the main PCO and will work as long as the main PCO works and will be disconnected as and when the main PCO is surrendered or recovered.
  • There is no change in the commission structure and billing period.
  • This facility will not be applicable for the PCOs where there is an outstanding.

Handicapped PCO

  • The Commission for local Handicapped PCOs is effective from 01.09.2007
  •  Relaxation to additional number of PCOs to the same handicapped PCO holder.
  •  The revenue / call limit of the existing PCO need not be taken into account for provision of additional PCO ( as in case of other local PCO holder) without security deposit.
  •  Faulty instrument has to be replaced free of cost for HPCO.
  •  This is effective from 10.06.2005.


Commision Structure

STD/ISD PCO holder

Sl.No. Name of the Product Particulars
1. MTNL Phone card(VCC) 7.2% on bulk purchase of Rs.5000/- and above
2. Recharge coupons 5.2% on bulk purchase of Rs.5000/- and above.

Local PCO holder

  • The Commission to handicapped PCO holders will be 40 Paise.
  •  The call charges will be retained at Re. 1/- only ( for Mumbai MTNL Unit).
  •  PCO Board is to be displayed.


Transfer of Telephone

  • It means change in the name of the subscriber, in case of individual or change in name /constitution ownership in the case of company/ organisation /institution.
  • Event necessitating transfer of a telephone.Change of name taking place voluntarily or due to marriage
    • Change in name/constitution of firm, companies, organisation, institution etc. 
    • Sale of dissolution of the firm
    • Death of the hirer.


The application for transfer (on prescribed forms) should be made within one year from the date of the event and is to be submitted to CSC of your area.


Can also be transferred to Blood Relation Transfer fee: Rs. 100
Can also be transferred to third party after one year of installation Transfer Fee: 500

Shifting of Telephone

Internal Shift
When a telephone is shifted from one position to another in the same room it is known as internal shift. 

External Shifts

When a telephone is shifted from one room to another or from one building to another building in the same locality or different locality, it is called as external shift.


External shifts are of the following types

Shifting of telephone on All -India basis

Shifting Charges

  1. Shifts Within the same exchange area.
  2. Shifts from one exchange area to the another exchange area in multi exchange system.
  3. All India Shift.

Telephone can be shifted on All-India basis as per the conditions existing for shifting of telephones within Multiexchange area. The application form (free of charge) can be obtained from the Area G.M's office/Shift Officer of Area on demand and completed form is to submitted to the CSC of the area from where the telephone is to be shifted.

a)From one position to another in the same room   Nil
b)In all other cases of local shift   Rs.100
Incase of (b) a rebate of Rs. 300 is allowed if subscriber arranges own internal wiring.



Use of Phone by Tenant

  • Permissible will be sent in the name of tenant. Correspondence entertained with landlord. Landlord to give undertaking for responsibility of payment of all telephone dues. Prescribed forms are available at MTNL Customer Service Centers.
  • Permission fee is Rs. 100.


Safe Custody


     Short Term safe custody

  • Safe Custody from 7 days to 90 days
  • Cable pair & telephone number will be reserved.
  • Restoration will be as per customer's request.
  • Reconnection fee is Rs.100/- will be charged at the time of reconnection.


Long Term safe Custody

  • Safe Custody for long duration beyond 90 days.
  • Cable pair & telephone number will not be reserved.
  • .Restoration will be as per customer's request.
  • Reconnection fee is Rs.100/- will be charged at the time of reconnection.

For keeping your telephone in Safe Custody, please apply at CSC or call at 1500.

Click here to download application for safe custody of telephone

Landline Number Retention

  • Landline Number Retention by availing Call transfer Facility
  • Now take your landline to your new address
  • Moving to your new house or just changing your office address !!!
  • Then no worry. You can get all your calls of your existing number in your new landline number with Call transfer Facilities
  • Charges Rs. 50 /Month
  • Now get Call transfer Facilities free for 1 Month.




MTNL Phone Card

This service allows the subscriber to place calls from any normal access interface to any destination number and have the cost of these calls charged to the account specified by the virtual card calling (VCC) number, which does not refer either to the calling line or the called line. Virtual card calling service is an access code based service. All Virtual card calls are preceded by the access code 1802222. After dialling the access code, the subscriber is prompted to enter the virtual card number followed by the destination number . The virtual cards can be used for making Local, National and international calls.






SeriesBase Rate
(Talk Time)
Net Amount
to be collected 
rounded off 
1 55 K1E* 48.95 8.81 57.76 58 45
2 110 G1A1 96.07 17.29 113.36 113 90
3 220 G1B1 192.14 34.58 226.72 227 120
4 550 G1C1 480.35 86.46 566.81 567 150
5 1100 G1D1 960.7 172.92 1133.62 1134 270

Get Attractive Discount on Bulk Purchase of VCC Cards.



ParticularsPulse rate in sec/pulseCharges
Charges & Pulse rate for Local Calls
MTNL Landline 180 secs Re. 1.00 for 3 min
MTNL Mobile 60 secs Re. 1.00 for 1 min 
To other Landline Operator 60 secs Re. 1.00 for 1 min
To other Mobile Operator 60 secs Re. 1.0 for 1 min
Charges & Pulse rate for STD Calls
Adj. SDCA < 50 Kms to landline 60 secs. Re. 1.00
Adj. SDCA < 50 Kms to WLL Mobile 60 secs.

Re. 1.00
Above 50 Kms to Basic(Landline/WLL) 60 secs.

Re. 1.00 
Above 50 Kms to GSM/CDMA 60 secs. Re. 1.00 per min
To Delhi MTNL Landline 90 secs. Re. 1.00 per 1.5 min
Click Here for Charges & Pulse rate for ISD Calls
Notes:-1. Everytime you make a call, your credit balance will be announced.
2. Call is charged to your 'Phone Card' number account and not to the telephone from where you make the call.
3. If asked, detailed bill will be charged @ Rs.100/-.

About VCC Card

1. Card Number : 

Card number is a 16-digit number printed in the confidential area and becomes visible when the card is opened up. Since the card number is electronically printed, no body else knows it.

2. PSN Number :
It is a number printed on the face of VCC card. It should be used for any correspondence regarding VCC service/complaints.

3. Validity Period :

Validity Period is the period up to which the VCC card is valid. The validity period starts from the first use  of the card. 

Dialing Procedure

  1. Lift the handset and listen to the dial tone.
  2. Dial access code 1802222 and Listen to the announcement "Please dial your card number".
  3. If the instrument is not in Tone mode , then Press * on your telephone and then dial the card number. Button with * is generally available on the left of "0" button in PB type instrument.
  4. Wait for the announcement " Your current card limit is (amount). This announcement can be interrupted. Please dial the destination number.
  5. Dial the destination number.
  6. Speak to the called party and disconnect the line.


  1. Never disclose your card number.
  2. While folding the card please ensure that no folds are made over the confidential area (extreme right side) of the card because any folds over this portion may tamper your card number.
  3. It will be better if you note down your card number somewhere, because due to mishandling of card, some of the digits may get tampered and become unclear.
  4. While purchasing the card, please ensure that card has a PSN number written over it and that the card is not open. Don't purchase it if PSN is not written or the card is open or tampered.
  5. Be cautious while using the cards on phones that have display or redial facility. Erase the number after disconnecting the call to avoid misuse.

Contact Us

For details :
D.E.(PR) : 22094045
P.R.O.(LC) : 2207 2690
Office of General Manager(LC),
MTNL, Mumbai, Tele. Bldg., Gr. floor,
Charanjit Rai Marg, Fort, Mumbai-400001.

For Technical details dial  SDE (IN) on 24327002/24227450

For complaints dial Toll Free No. : 1800221500

VCC cards can be purchased from MTNL Customer Service Centre, Distributors and business associates.

For Technical details dial :  24327002/ 24227450
For complaints dial Toll Free No. : 1800221500




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