Broadband Other Charges

One Time Registration Charge
(with tele. bill - Non-refundable)

Waived off

DSL Activation & testing charges (with telephone bill)  Rs 300/-
DSL CPE One-time Upfront Charges (with tele. bill & Non refundable)
  • Normal ADSL Modem(New): Rs.300/-
  • Normal ADSL Modem(Old & Repaired):Rs. 100/- 
  • Wireless ADSL Modem(New): Rs.600/-
  • Wireless ADSL Modem(Old & Repaired): Rs.100/- 
  • For Customer owned CPE: NIL
  • Line Bonding CPE Charges:
    Onetime Upfront Charges : Rs.600

Monthly CPE Service Charges for MTNL CPE

Monthly CPE Service Charges for Customer Owned CPE
  • For Triband connection : Nil
Safe custody charges

Rs.100 per month (for ADSL, VDSL and line bonding connections). 

Safe custody charges for FTTH connections will be Rs.1000 or 50% of monthly service charges, whichever is less.

Shifting Charges Rs 300 
First E-mail ID with BB connection
Additional E-mail ID
Rs. 400 per annum (100 MB capicity)
 Additional Upload Speed

Rs 100 p.m. for each additional 256 Kbps bandwidth (higher upload speed above 1 Mbps is subject to feasibility and CPE compatibility) 

Only for VDSL and FTTH :
Rs 300 p.m. for each additional 1 Mbps upload speed
Rs 600 p.m. for each additional 5 Mbps upload speed
Rs 1000 p.m. for each additonal 10 Mbps upload speed

Note : Additional upload speed is subject to feasibility and CPE compatibility.

Tariff for additional Wi-Fi CPEs for Enhancing coverage

One time upfront charges for additional Wi-Fi CPEs (Non Refundable): Rs 1000/- per CPE

Monthly CPE Charges for additional Wi-Fi CPEs: Rs100 per CPE per month

Static IP Rs 2000 per annum per IP 
Rs 200 per month per IP
 Static IP Pool of 4, 8, 16 IPs +1 WAN IP

Rs 2000 per annum per IP
Rs 200 per month per IP

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  • Equipment like Telephone Instrument, Broad Band Modems /CPEs (Customer Premises Equipment), ONU(Optical Network Units), NT1(for ISDN lines), if provided at Customers' premises by MTNL, are sole property of MTNL, Mumbai.
  • Goods & Service Tax (GST) Extra as Applicable .