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Archive: Public Notices

 1 November 2012 Broadband Notice includes information  for DSL Unilmted 395,DSL Unlimited Combo 495,Xpress Unlimited 600,Xpress Unlimited 750 subscribers.  Click Here
 1 April 2014  Landline/Broadband 

Notice includes information  for
Landline plans : Plan 290, Plan 500, Plan 250, Plan 160 ,One india Plan subscribers
Broadband Plan : DSLTRIB59NU , DSLNU849 , DSL Trib49,DSL Combo 500,Trib200P , DSL 349, DSL 399, Trib 599 limited , DSL 249 Combo,DSL Combo B499, DSL 598, DSL 748 , DSL Unlimited 450/599/749/999. DSL unlimited combo 550, Xpress unlimited plan 650/800/1000/1500/2000 (combo & Non combo both), Unlimited combo 995, DSL Unlimited 555/666/888/1333 , DSL Unlimited 1599 plan subscribers. 

 Click Here
 2 April 2014   GSM Notice for Prepaid customers.   Click Here
25 December 2014 GSM/Broadband/MTNL App Notice includes information for Jodi plan launch for GSM, Waival of one month broadband rent and Launch of MTNL Mobile App.Waival of one month Broadband rent , Click Here
13 January 2015 VDSL VDSL Advertisement note Click Here
13 January 2015 Non Receipt of Life Certificate of Pensioners List of Pensioners retired before 01/04/14 and not submitted Life Certificate for drawal of Pension Click Here
1 February 2015 GSM Notice includes information about revision of Data Tariff from 2p/10KB to 3p/10KB. Click Here
1 March 2015 Broadband Notice for Braodband / VDSL / FTTH customers w.e.f 1 April 2015  Click Here
1 May 2015 Landline Notice for Landline customers w.e.f 1 May 2015 Click Here
20 Feb 2016 E-Mail Services Very Important Notice Regarding E-mail Service Migration.
  Click Here 
29 Feb 2016 CDMA CLOSURE OF MTNL CDMA Services   Click Here 
28 July 2016 E-Mail Services Intimation about MTNL Email services upgradation.  Click Here
28 July 2016 E-Mail Services Intimation about Blocking of SMTP port 25 in MTNL Mumbai Broadband
 Click Here
03 January 2017 For appointment of VAT/ Sales Tax consultant  Request for quotation for offering service as a consultant  for MVAT / Sales Tax matters of MTNL Mumbai Click Here
16 March 2017 Broadband Revision of CPE Charges Click Here
1 May 2017 Broadband Migration from old plans to new plan Click Here
3 July 2017 Broadband Download Speed of all Broadband have been enhanced Click Here
1 September 2017 Broadband Voice call benefits has been revised Click Here

Current Public Notices