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MTNL SMTP Relay Service -Important Notification .Click Here

Parental control for Internet Access.For Details Click Here

Security measures to be adopted in ADSL Modems to safeguard against misuse. For Details Click here

Software Upgradation for Modem

click here for Download Software Upgradation Patch for ARGT 1000 VDSL Modem ( Alphion )

click here for  software upgradation procedure  of ARGT 1000 VDSL Modem ( Alphion )

Secure your Wi-Fi Modem. For Details  Click here 

Email  Client (Outlook etc..) Configuration Click Here 

Guideline for Email ID complaint Reg. (Port & Smtp) Click here

Guideline for Email ID complaints .For Details click here

Configure Static IP

  • Static IP Configuration for Sem INDIA Router. For Details click here.
  • Static IP Configuration for New UT Star Modem.  For Details click here.
  • Static IP Configuration for D-link Modem. For Details click here.
  • Static IP Configuration for UT Star Modem. For Details click here.
  • Multiple Static IP Configuration. For Details click here.

Configure CPE Modem

(a) Configure VDSL CPE Modem

  • Air Pro 5212 Modem for BB VDSL Configuration. For Details click here
  • ARGT-1000 Modem for BB VDSL Configuration. For Details click here
  • ARGT-1000 Modem for MDU Configuration. For Details click here
  • ZyXEL VDSL Modem Configuration. For Details click here
  • CELL Pipe 7130 VDSL Modem Configuration. For Details click here                                                                                                                                                                                                           

(b) Configure ADSL CPE Modem

  • TP-LINK ADSL+2 Modem Configuration. For Details click here
  • NETGEAR D1500 Modem Configuration. For Details click here
  • D-Link  2750 U Modem Configuration. For Details click here
  • Sem INDIA CPE Modem Configuration. For Details click here.
  • HUWAEI CPE Modem Configuration. For Details click here.
  • New UT Star CPE Modem Configuration. For Details click here.
  • UT Star  Modem Configuration. For Details click here.
  • D-link  CPE Modem Configuration. For Details click here.
  • UT Star UT-304R2U  CPE Modem Configuration. For Details click here.
  • UT Star  Wireless Type- II & IV/Beetel Type A 410TC1 and wireless type-B 450 TC1/ type-c 480TC1  CPE Modem Configuration. For Details click here.
  • User Guide for Binatone DM 856W ADSL CPE Internet and Wireless configuration.For Details click here

(c) Configure FTTH Modem

  • ONT Alphion Make 100c (FTTH) Modem Configuration. For Details click here

(d) Configure Line Bonding Modem For Details click here

Configuration of Zyxel Line Bonding modem.For Details click here

Configure CCTV IP Camera. For Details click here.

Configure CCTV IP Camera. For Screen Shot Details click here.

Configure LAN Setting for Windows Vista. For Detailsclick here

Configure LAN Setting for linux. For Detailsclick here

Steps of IP configuration for MAC OS. For Detailsclick here


Know YourTriband

 Important Tips

  1. Switch off CPE when not in use. 
  2. To avail Unlimited Free Internet Usage during the night (00.00 hrs to 08.00 Hrs) in TriB 590NU Plan Switch ON CPE during Night after 00.00 hrs and ensure disconnection before 08.00 hrs.
  3. In case of power off/on CPE, please wait for 2-3 min before connecting to Internet
  4. Do not use any other power adaptor than the one supplied with CPE
  5. Don’t use the ‘Restore Factory Default Setting’ option in the CPE 
  6. Keep TCP/IP Properties settings in your PC as Obtain IP automatically and DNS Server Address as, Preferred DNS (Primary) and Alternate DNS (Secondary)
  7. The splitter provided should be connected at the entering point of 2-wire Tel cable of MTNL. Additional Extension /Phone if any shall be connected only after the splitter.
  8. The Phone, DSL Modem/Router, and Tel line  shall be connected to splitter as per marking/Signwriting on the Splitter supplied with CPE
  9. In case USB port is used, ensure CPE USB driver is installed on PC before connecting the USB cable
  10. DSL_TRIB_T10 (Times based plan) customers should switch OFF the modem when not in use to avoid time-based billing of idle modem (ON) time.  

Change Password

How to Change Password for Your Broadband Connection (Username)

Change of Password for your username is a two steps process. In step I, you have to change the password for your account at our Web-Self Care Website http://register.mtnl.net.in  and then, in Step II, the password has to be changed in your ADSL router/ Modem (CPE).

STEP I- Change of Password at our Web-Self Care Website.

  •   Log on to our Web-Self Care Website http://register.mtnl.net.in
  •   Click on Check Broadband Usage.
  •   Enter Username, Password in the given fields. (Please enter username as configured in Router)
  •   Click on Login  Next window will be displayed. Go to tab  Change Password.
  •   Enter an Old password, New Password, Confirm New Password in the given fields.
  •   Click on submit   “Password is changed successfully for the account “ message will appear.
  •   Click on Logout

Please note :-You can Login again with new Password to verify it.

STEP II: Change of Password in CPE/ ADSL Router

Pl. note :- The password has to be changed in your ADSL router/ Modem (CPE) - Open the Web page, from your own broadband connection to login into your ADSL Router/ADSL CPE(CPE). Refer Modem user guide for further instructions.

                (Demo  forBeenatone modem Model No. DM 856W as example)

  1. Open Website from your own broadband connection to login into your ADSL Router/Modem(CPE).
  2. Logon using user name as admin and Password as available rear side of Beenatone modem ) in other modem it may be as admin.
  3. Click on Interface Setup tab,.
  4. Scroll to PPPoE/PPPoA which appears at left side of the window option.
  5. Delete the previous password appearing in the Password field and enter the new password. Click on Save button at the bottom of the page.
  6. At the top of the screen, select Maintenance Tab and click on  SysRestart Tab.
  7. Click on the Restart button for System restart with current settings (radio button must be on).
  8. A message “The system is restarting. Please wait….” will appear.
  9.  The page for username and password will appear. Enter User Name as admin and password as available on  rear side of Beenatone modem (in other modem it may be as admin) and Click on OK
  10. At this time, ‘Page can not be displayed’ message will appear in the web page and the ADSL Lamp on your ADSL router/Modem (CPE) will go off. Close the Internet Explorer/ Internet Browser.
  11. Wait till ADSL Lamp on the ADSL router glows again and become stable. This takes around 30-60 Secs.
  12. Click on Internet explorer/ your browser and browse the Internet. This confirms that password for your account has been changed successfully.


High Range Wi-Fi Modem

High Coverage Wireless Modem by reputed Vendor(s).

  1. These Modems can also be purchased at any retail outlets in Mumbai and also at online stores like flipkart etc.
  2. Any other vender who supply "High Range WiFi CPEs" may contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to enlist their routers for customer reference.
  3. Following venders are available  e.g  D-Link, Swaraj, ZyXEL





  • SW 200
  • SW 202

 Order Placement

  • M/S Sai Electricals (Thane Branch)
    21, Shram Saphalya Coop housing Society,
    Sheetal Nagar Mira Road East
    Thane, 401107
    Contact person Suresh

    G-2 , Siddharath Nagar,  
    Western Exp Highway,
    Borivali East Mumbai 400066
    Contact person Sandip

Service Centre in Mumbai

    Bldg no 74/1350 , Samta Nagar,
    Kandivali East . Mumbai 400101
    Contact person Rajguru


 ZyXEL Models



Models :

a)P660HN-T1A:N150 ADSL2+ with 4 FE LAN Ports click here

b)AMG1312-T10B:N300 ADSL2+ with 4 FE Ports click here

Order Placement 


    A-22, Kalpita Enclave,

   Swami Nityanand Road,

   Andheri (East), Mumbai -400069

   Ph: 26841346 / 66781918

   Contact : Mr Devang Thakore (98210 61774)


     24,Ganga Building,

     2ndFloor, Topiwala Lane,

     Grant Road (East), Mumbai – 400007

    Ph : 23801572

   Contact : Mr Vipul Shah (98210 42409)

Service Centre in Mumbai


   A-22, Kalpita Enclave,

   Swami Nityanand Road,

   Andheri (East), Mumbai -400069

   Ph: 26841346 / 66781918

For Any Technical query / Online Support, Customer can call upToll Free  1800 102 9995



Miscellaneous Broadband Plans

MTNL offers Broadband plans to following category of customers.

Casual Broadband Plans

Initial Charges

Broadband Registration, Installation & Activation Rs. 500/-
Non-refundable Modem charges (normal/ Wifi) Rs. 1000/-
Installation of Telephone Line Rs. 500/-
Total Initial Charges Rs. 2000/-

Usage Charges

1(a) Charges for 1 Mbps Download/ 512 Kbps Upload BB casual connection for minimum 3 days Rs. 1200/-
(b) For each additional day Rs. 500/- per day
2(a) Charges for 2 Mbps Download/ 1.5 Mbps Upload BB casual connection for minimum 3 days Rs. 2150/-
(b) For each additional day Rs. 800/- per day
3(a) Charges for 4 Mbps Download/ 2 Mbps Upload BB casual connection for minimum 3 days Rs. 3800/-
(b) For each additional day Rs. 1200/- per day

Casual VDSL Plan

INITIAL CHARGES (Including Registration, Installation, testing, activation and non-refundable modem charges Rs. 5000/-
(a) Charges for 10Mbps to 20Mbps download /4 Mbps upload speed BB casual connection for minimum 3 days Rs. 8000/-
(b)For each additional day Rs. 3000/- per day



  • All the payment will be taken in advance.
  • Date of opening will be counted as day one.
  • Activation time will be specified by the customer.
  • Modem will be recovered after deactivation.
  • There will be no refund or deduction in initial charges if modem provided by the customer.
  • One recoverable telephone instrument will be provided with incoming facility only.
  • customer can make out going call by using VCC cards.
  • Connection will be provided subject to technical feasibility and availability.
  • VDSL casual connection will be provided upto 1.5 Kms loop distance.

Unlimited Plan for Judges of District & Subordinate Courts in the jurisdication of MTNL, Mumbai

Sl NoPlanSpeedHoursMonthly Service ChargesAnnual Rental option
1 Plan-1 upto 256 Kbps Unlimited Rs 2,500 Rs 20,000

Note :

  1. The monthly CPE service charges of above Unlimited Plans is waived off.
  2. Out-of-turn priority is to be given to the customers booking triband with the above Unlimited plans.

Broadband Tariff Plans for Hon`ble MPs

Sl NoPlanSpeedHoursMonthly Service ChargesMonthly Free DownloadAdditional Usage Charges beyond free usage
1 Trib MP 1 512 Kbps Unlimited Nil 100 GB (against 10,000 surrendered call units per annum) Rs 0.50 per MB
2 Trib MP 2 1 Mbps Unlimited

In Liau of 10,000
surrendered call out of 1,50,000 free calls per annum

Unlimited data transfer (i.e. Data download & data upload) NA
 3  Trib MP 3

 2Mbps up to 15 GB and 1Mbps beyond 15 GB (fair usage)

 Unlimited  Rs 1500  Unlimited data transfer (i.e. Data download & data upload) NA
 4  Trib MP 4   4Mbps upto 15 GB and 1 Mbps beyond 15GB (fair Usage)   Unlimited  Rs 1500 Unlimited data transfer i.e.(Data download & data upload) NA


  1. CPE (Ordinary or wireless) to be provided by MTNL without any service charge.
  2. Initial one-time charges(Up front charges) of Rs.300/- normal CPE / Rs 600 for wireless CPE for registration /Activation/Testing will be waived off.
  3. All other terms and conditions will remain same in both the above plans as in other existing Broadband plans.

 Click here for other charges.



TriBand - MTNL's 'always-on' Broadband connection that supports interactive services including high speed Internet access at download speed up to 4Mbps with assured minimum speed of 256 kilo bits per second (kbps) to individual telephone subscribers. It includes further value-added services such as VPN, IPTV, video-on-demand, VoIP,video phone and will include broadcast applications & much more in the future.


Three ways to get Triband Connection:

  • Book Online
  • Call 1500
  • Download Form & submit to customer Service Center

Value Added Services



MTNL PC Protection





You will be required to submit following documents along with duly filled Customer Application form (CAF) for taking a MTNL Landline and Broadband connection.

  • Self attested Photograph
  • Self attested Proof of Identity
  • Self attested Proof of Address
Proof of Identity & Proof of Address

You can attach self attested copy of any one of them for Proof of Address & Identity both.

  • Aadhar (UID) Card
  • Passport
  • Voter ID Card
  • Current passbook of Post Office/PSU Bank as Proof of Address, having photo as Proof of Identity & Address.
  • Photo Identity Card having address of Central Govt./PSU or State Govt. /PSU only.
  • Certificate of address having photo, issued by MP/MLA/Group A Gazetted Officer in letter head.
  • Certificate of address with photo from Govt. Recognized educational institutions (for students only)
  • Pensioner's Card having Photo with addess.
  • CGHS/ECHS Card
  • Address card with photo issued by Dept. of Post, Govt of India.
  • Caste & Domicile Certificate with Photo & Address issued by State Govt.
  • Freedom Fighter Card having Photo & Address
  • Certificate of address having photo issued by Village Panchayat head or equivalent authority. (For rural areas)
  • Kisan Passbook having Photo with Address.
  • Arms License


Proof of Address only

In case above mentioned document does not contain your address, you must submit one of the following documents as Proof of Address

  • Water Bill (Not older than last 3 months)
  • Landline Telephone Bill (Not older than last 3 months)
  • Electricity Bill of State Company (Not older than last 3 months)
  • Income Tax assessment order(Not older than 1 year)
  • Vehicle registration certificate 
  • Registered Sale/Lease agreement 
  • Credit card statement (Not Older than last three Months)
  • Mobile Telephone bill of other service provider(Not Older than 3 Months)
  • Employee letter on their letter head about residence proof for installation of Telephone
  • Employer’s letter on their letter head about residence proof for installation of Telephone
  • Business Documentary proof (if you are doing a business

Proof of Identity only
  • Income Tax PAN Card
  • Photo Credit Card
  • Smart card issued by CSD, Defence/Paramilitary





MTNL has introduced prepaid broadband service for its customers. The services are being provided on the existing Landline copper infrastructure.

Broadband Prepaid Vouchers

PlanVoucher MRPSpeedFree UsageValidity
Prepaid Voucher 499 Rs 499 upto 2Mbps 1.3 GB 1 month
Prepaid Voucher 1499 Rs 1499 upto 2Mbps 5 GB 3 months
Prepaid Voucher 3999 Rs 3999 upto 2Mbps 15 GB 1 year
Prepaid Voucher 5999 Rs 5999 upto 2Mbps 25 GB 1 year
  • Grace period: 30 days for all the vouchers. After the grace period, an account will be suspended & will be deactivated after 3 months.
  • No plan migration will be allowed.
One Time Charges
Installation & Activation Rs 300
Modem Charges
Normal Modem Rs 1000
Wireless Modem Rs 1700


  • Customer will book prepaid broadband connection on his existing telephone line.
  • Customer will be billed amount for registration, activation and router charge, in the first bill.
  • Customer may book the connection at CSC counter or from 1500/WSC.
  • The broadband work order will be issued and will be completed in the same manner as currently done for postpaid connection.
  • Initially, the Customer will be given broadband basis plan with 50 Mb free download and validity of 90 days.
  • Within validity period, the customer has to recharge his account using any of the available vouchers.
  • Using this voucher the customer can login to web Self Care Portal and recharge his account.
  • In case of any difficulty in recharging process customers may contact on 12543 or 1504 option 3.
  • One Email ID will be given with 4MB space in this plan.
  • The balance download at the end of validity period will not be carried forward.
  • If download allowed is consumed before the validity period customer will have to recharge using any of the above vouchers again.
  • Within validity period balance download available at the time of the recharge will be added in the download allowed in new voucher. However period left will not be carried forward.
  • Each voucher will have a grace period of one month after validity period. If customer fails to recharge within the grace period,his account will be suspended. The account will be permanently closed after 90 days after validity period.
  • Migration from postpaid to prepaid is not allowed at present.
  • For all service related complaints the customer can dial 198.
  • Customer can see their plan balance and usage details at https://register.mtnl.net.in

Click here for other charges.

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