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Facebook on USSD brings provides access to Facebook from any mobile phone without any data connection. Just dial *325# from your mobile phone and get all the major features of Facebook like status update, wall post, friend requests, notifications. Also get push notifications, an innovative new feature by which your notifications are pushed into your mobile handset automatically when they are generated. So, the next time when you want to update your status or post on a friends’ wall no need to worry about SMS’s or a Data Connection. Just dial *325*# from your mobile phone and get started.

How to Use

Dial *325#, to log on to your account by using username and password, select the best plan as per your need and get access to your Facebook account.


It is free for getting FB notifications but for accessing the account or doing updation below subscription pack is required to be activated.

S.No.ServicePlatformPrice PointsValidity
1.       Daily Facebook Pack   USSD   Rs.4/-   3 Days
2.       Weekly Facebook Pack   USSD   Rs.10/-   7 Days
3.       Monthly Facebook Pack   USSD   Rs.20/- 30 Days