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Special GSM offer for MTNL Broadband Customers 


Promotional Broadband Plans

Plan NameUnlimited Broadband FUP PlansHigh-Speed Fiber Internet Plans
BB-399-6MBB-551-6MBB-660-6MFTTH-VOICE-500Very High Speed 1599Very High Speed 2999
(Combo only)
Monthly Rent (Rs.) 399 551 660 500 1,599 2,999
FUP Quota 30 GB 70 GB 90GB 10 GB 300 GB 800 GB
Download Speed (upto)  6 Mbps till FUP
& 512 Kbps afterward
6 Mbps till FUP & 1 Mbps afterward 50 Mbps till FUP
& 256 Kbps afterward
100 Mbps till FUP & 2 Mbps afterward
Upload Speed (upto) 1 Mbps till FUP
& 512 Kbps afterward 
768 Kbps till FUP & 512 Kbps afterward 10 Mbps till FUP
& 256 Kbps afterward
10 Mbps till FUP & 2 Mbps afterward
Free Voice Benefits (pm) Nil Nil 150 Calls 400 Calls 750 Calls Unlimited Calls + STD
Offer Period
(90 Days)
w.e.f. 15/09/2018 to 14/12/2018 w.e.f. 01/07/2018 to 29/09/2018 w.e.f. 19/07/2018 to 17/10/2018 w.e.f. 01/07/2018 to 29/09/2018

* All other one-time upfront charges, CPE monthly charges will be same as an existing tariff. Please, refer other charges.

Unlimited / High Speed Plans


Click here to see FTTH enabled buildings

Unlimited High Speed FUP Plans

Monthly Charges
Pre FUP Download Speed (upto) / Plan Name / Free Usage Quota (FUP) /
Free Voice Benefits (Only for Combo Plans) / Post FUP Download Speed (upto)
6 Mbps
8 Mbps
10 Mbps
12 Mbps
14 Mbps
16 Mbps
50 Mbps^
100 Mbps^
600 BB-600-6M
80 GB
70 GB
65 GB
55 GB
-- BB-600-50M
45 GB
35 GB
150 Calls / 1 Mbps -- 150 Calls / 2 Mbps
800 BB-800-6M
145 GB
120 GB
95 GB
85 GB
80 GB
70 GB
200 Calls / 1 Mbps -- 200 Calls / 2 Mbps
1,000 BB-1000-6M
230 GB
190 GB
155 GB
140 GB
130 GB
120 GB
115 GB
105 GB
300 Calls / 1 Mbps 300 Calls / 2 Mbps
1,200 BB-1200-6M
305 GB
250 GB
215 GB
190 GB
180 GB
170 GB
160 GB
150 GB
500 Calls / 1 Mbps 500 Calls / 2 Mbps
1,500 BB-1500-6M
450 GB
385 GB
350 GB
315 GB
300 GB
290 GB
210 GB
200 GB
300 calls & Unlimited on MTNL Network (Mum+Delhi) / 1.5 Mbps 500 Calls / 2 Mbps
675 GB
625 GB
595 GB
555 GB
525 GB
500 GB
500 GB
480 GB
Unlimited on All Network + STD / 2 Mbps
3,999* -- BB-3999-50M
1200 GB
1150 GB
-- Unlimited on All Network + STD / 5 Mbps
4,999* -- Very-High-Speed-4999
1500 GB
(Unlimited on All Network + STD / 5 Mbps)
7,999* -- Very-High-Speed-7999
2500 GB
(Unlimited on All Network + STD / 5 Mbps)
  • Plan Availability: i) Upto 16 Mbps Speed  - Only on ADSL ii) 50Mbps Speed - on VDSL & FTTH iii) 100 Mbps - Only on FTTH
  • * Available only in Combo Plan  | ^ Newly launched plans available for booking w.e.f. 15/09/2018
  • All other one-time upfront charges, CPE monthly charges will be the same as an existing tariff. Please, refer other charges.


Broadband Truly Unlimited Plans 

Plan NameBB-UL-8M-Combo* BB-UL-12M-Combo* 
Monthly Rent (Rs.) 1,599/- 1,799/-
FUP Quota Unlimited Free
Download Speed (upto)  8 Mbps 12 Mbps
Upload Speed (upto) 1 Mbps 1 Mbps
Free Voice Benefits 500 Calls & Unlimited on MTNL(Mumbai/Delhi) Network

* Above plans can be offered on ADSL/VDSL as per availability | All other one-time upfront charges, CPE monthly charges will be same as an existing tariff.

Add-On Broadband Plan

Plan NameEntertainment Unlimited Hungama
Monthly Charges (Rs) 699
Free Usage Quota (FUP) 80 GB
Download Speed (upto) 8 Mbps till FUP & 1 Mbps afterward
Free Voice Benefits 150 calls (in combo plans only)
Remarks Free Bundled Hungama Services* worth Rs. 597 pm.
  • Access to stream 8000+ SD/HD Movies
  • Unlimited access to stream & download 3.5 million songs and 20,000+ videos.
  • Access to play 700+ online Games.

* Data Usage applicable to avail the service.


Broadband Usage Plan

Plan Name

DSL 330 (Non Combo)

Monthly Free Data Usage(Upload + Download) 15 GB
Monthly Service Charges Rs. 330
Usage Charges (beyond monthly free data) 5p / MB
Download Speed  upto 6 Mbps
Free Voice Benefits As per Opted Landline Plan



Data Top-Up

Broadband Data Top-Ups

Now customers can enjoy FUP based unlimited Broadband / VDSL / FTTH plans with uninterrupted regular download speed by opting Monthly Data Top-Ups post-FUP usage.

 Data Top-Up
(Excluding GST)
3 GB Rs. 49
7 GB Rs. 99
11 GB Rs. 149
20 GB Rs. 249
30 GB Rs. 349
50 GB Rs. 549
70 GB Rs. 749
100 GB Rs. 999
170 GB Rs. 1,499
300 GB Rs. 1,999
500 GB Rs. 2,999
1000 GB Rs. 4,999 


  • Data Top-Up will be available to all Fair Usage Unlimited Plan Customers of ADSL, VDSL, and FTTH.
  • Data Top-Ups will be valid for the particular calendar month and will be charged in the next billing cycle.
  • Opted Data Top-Ups should not be greater than customer plan FUP limit.
    (E.g. BB-800-4M plan customer with 20GB FUP limit can top up only 6GB, 12GB, and 18GB.)
  • Customers may request Data Top-Up Online or by calling at 1500 or may apply to nearest CSC.

FTTH Voice

FTTH Voice Service (Available only on FTTH plans)

Fixed Monthly ChargesFree CallsCall Charges beyond free callsCall Packs for Additional Calls
Rs. 50    50 Calls    Rs. 1.00 per pulse or as per selected Call Pack   Rs. 50 65 calls
Rs. 100 140 Calls
Rs. 200 290 Calls

 MTNL Mumbai's popular landline plans "Plan 290 (150 calls)", "Plan 500 (450 calls)" & "Plan 1000 (1000 calls)" are also available to Fibre to the Home (FTTH) voice customers. Click here to see the detailed tariff.

Security Deposit for Voice Services

  • Local / STD facility : Rs.1000/- (to be collected in 2 equal installments)
  • ISD facility: Rs.3000/- (to be collected in 6 equal installments) 
  • MTNL Telephone Instrument Charges: Rs. 300 (Nil for customer-owned Instrument).

Other Charges

Broadband One Time Charges

ParticularsCharges (non-refundable)Monthly CPE Charges
ADSL Registration and Activation charges on existing Landline Waived Off --
ADSL Activation & Testing charges (with telephone bill) Rs. 300 --
Normal ADSL CPE upfront charges Rs. 300 Rs. 70
Wireless ADSL / ADSL Line Bonding CPE upfront charges Rs. 600 Rs. 70
ADSL old & repaired Normal / Wireless CPE upfront charges Rs. 100 Rs. 70
VDSL Registration and Activation charges on existing landline Rs.500 --
VDSL Registration and Activation charges with new landline Rs. 1,000 --
Wireless CPE Upfront charges
( For Usage with Normal  VDSL CPE)
Rs.600 Rs. 70
Normal VDSL CPE Rs. 1,000 Rs. 70
Wireless VDSL CPE Rs. 1600
(to be taken in 4 equal installments of Rs.400 in the bill). Waived off for new bookings with an annual plan / annual payment option.
Rs. 120
FTTH Registration and Activation charges Rs. 500 Waived Off * --
FTTH Voice Service Installation charges Rs. 200 Waived Off * --
FTTH ONT Upfront charges Rs.1,000 Rs. 70
Wireless CPE Upfront charges
( For Usage with Normal FTTH CPE)
Rs. 600 Rs. 70
FTTH WiFi ONT Upfront Charges Rs. 1,500 Rs 120
Additional Wireless CPE charges for enhancing coverage  Rs. 1,000 Rs 100

 * Limited Period Offer from 01/09/2018 to 30/11/2018.

Additional Upload Charges

 For each Additional Upload Speed ofMonthly ChargesAvailability on Network
256 Kbps Rs 50 ADSL only
1 Mbps* Rs. 150 VDSL & FTTH only
5 Mbps* Rs. 300
10 Mbps* Rs. 500
20 Mbps* Rs. 750 FTTH only
* Please note, availability of Upload Speed above 1 Mbps is subject to feasibility & CPE compatibility.


Static IP Charges

ParticularsMonthly ChargesAnnual Charges
Static IP Rs 200 per IP Rs 2000 per IP 
 Static IP Pool of 4, 8, 16 IPs + 1 WAN IP
For More Details click here


Other Charges

Safe custody charges
  • ADSL/VDSL/Line Bonding Connection: Rs 100 pm 
  • FTTH connections: Rs 1,000 pm (or 50% of Monthly Service Charges, whichever is less)
Shifting Charges Rs 300 
Additional E-mail ID Rs. 400 per annum (100 MB capacity)


Terms & Condition

  • Fair Usage Policy: FUP quota in all FUP based unlimited plans is applicable for one calendar month. Fresh FUP quota as per selected plan is made available to the customer from 1st of every month. Existing customer migrating to FUP plan or customer booking new broadband in the middle of the month will get Fair Usage Policy on a proportionate basis for the remaining days of the month.
  • Customer may use Data Top-Up to get pre FUP speed after exhausting FUP Quota on all FUP based unlimited broadband plans.
  • Truly Unlimited Plans: No fair usage policy is applicable for Truly Unlimited Plans. However, MTNL reserves the right to discontinue the benefits if the plan is used beyond the prescribed TRAI Guidelines for any commercial/telemarketing activities. This will also be applicable to customers using FUP based unlimited plans.
  • The data usage wherever mentioned includes downloads and uploads.
  • Usage Alerts: MTNL provides usage alerts via SMS to our customers when they reach 80% and then 100% of their FUP Limit. A customer can update their Mobile No and Email-ID by registering at https://selfcare.mtnl.net.in
  • Upload Speed:
    • For ADSL 2Mbps, 4Mbps & 6Mbps Plans: Up to 768Kbps till Fair Usage Policy(FUP) quota and up to 512Kbps afterward. 
    • For ADSL from 8Mbps till 16Mbps Plans: Up to 1Mbps till Fair Usage Policy(FUP) quota and up to 512Kbps afterward. 
    • For VDSL & FTTH Plans: Up to 10Mbps till Fair Usage Policy (FUP) quota and up to 1Mbps afterward.

    • Customer may buy additional upload speed as per existing tariff.
  • Combo Plans:
    • Calls to any Landline & Mobile Network Both Mumbai as well as Delhi shall be free between 11:00 PM to 07:00 AM and all STD calls shall be charged 1 MCU per 180 sec between 11:00 PM to 07:00 AM.
    • Rent free Landline will be provided and free voice benefits will be given as shown above.
    • Outgoing calls will be charged at Re.1 per pulse (as per Landline 250 plan).
    • Customer may also use Landline Add-on Packs for making landline calls.
  • Payment Options: Discount allowed in monthly service charges;
    • For Quarterly Payment Mode: 7 Days
    • For Half Yearly Payment Mode: 15 Days
    • For Annual Payment Mode: 30 Days (i.e. 1 Month)
  • Standalone Broadband: 4Mbps & above plans can be taken as Standalone Broadband category without a landline connection. 
  •  Unlimited free voice benefits cannot be used for outgoing calls to Premium Numbers, IN Numbers and Other chargeable shortcodes (level 1 etc.). These calls will be charged as per prevailing tariffs.
  • MTNL CPE: Equipment like Telephone Instrument, Broad Band Modems /CPEs (Customer Premises Equipment), ONU(Optical Network Units), NT1(for ISDN lines), if provided at Customers' premises by MTNL, are the sole property of MTNL, Mumbai.MTNL supplied Broadband CPE (Modem/Router) belongs to MTNL and in event of non-return of equipment customer will have to pay applicable charges.
  • Connection Feasibility & Speed: Speed mentioned is subjected to technical feasibility. Speed indicated are only up to MTNL ISP node and are given on best effort basis as per TRAI guidelines.
  • Goods & Service Tax (GST) Extra as Applicable. 

ISDN Services

Put your business on fast track with MTNL ISDN

ISDN is a state-of-the-art digital network service that provides high-quality voice, data and image transfer and also inter-computer file transfer simultaneously on the existing pair of phone lines of the subscriber, at high speed. This service is provided using existing copper cable networks in over 300 cities in India and 28 countries world over.

So give an edge to your organization with MTNL ISDN.


ISDN Applications

Photo Telephone Calling - where called party can see each other's pictures on the screen.

Desk Top Video Conferencing - on dial-up basis using a single ISDN line at 128 Kbps.

High-Quality Video Conferencing  - on dial-up basis between any two ISDN subscribers by using three ISDN lines at 384 Kbps.

Teleconferencing - which facilitates the transmission of pictures, documents, and drawings etc., apart from voice & video images of the participants, whiteboard sharing & document sharing is also possible.

High-speed data transmission at 128 Kbps - Very high quality in digital mode on account of very high immunity from the noise.

High-speed facsimile - To send FAX messages the time taken is reduced to 1/4th compared to a conventional old telephone line provides. A subscriber can see his metering pulses at his premises.

ISDN supports all Phone-Plus services - available to a conventional old telephone line. In addition, the following additional facilities are available.

Calling Line Identification Presentation(CLIP) - When an ISDN subscriber receives a call, the calling subscriber number will be displayed on his ISDN telephone revealing the identity of the caller giving an option to the called party to accept the call or not during the conversation. It is possible to hold two more incoming calls and ISDN subscriber can switch between the incoming calls.

Calling Line Identification Restriction (CLIR) - By means of this service, the calling subscriber will be able to prevent the presentation of his number to the called subscriber (Prevention of CLIP).

Multiple Subscriber Number (MSN) - Up to 8 terminals can be connected in parallel at the subscriber premises. To call a specific terminal separate numbers can be allotted to each terminal to facilitate when a call is received from a normal (Analog) subscriber. In case the call is received from an ISDN subscriber, the terminal Selection will be made automatically.

Terminal Portability (TP) - At the subscriber's premises, 8 terminals can be connected to a single ISDN line in the sockets provided on internal wiring. The terminals can be in different rooms on different floors. During the conversation, it is possible to transfer the call from one terminal to another or even remove the terminal and connect it to another socket. This facility is available for calling as well as the called subscriber.

Closed User Group (CUG) - Companies and individuals with offices in different cities can have their ISDN numbers function in a closed user group i.e. like a private network, both for voice and data. This group enjoys certain calling privileges like select call- barring and an additional level of security.



PlanMonthly Service ChargesFree CallsCall Charges beyond free calls
Basic Plan (Plan-1) Rs 750 60 61-300 Rs. 0.80 Above 300 Rs.1.20
General Plan (Plan-2) Rs 750 Nil  Rs 1.10
Special Plan (plan-3) Rs 1,500 1,200  Rs 1.10
Super Plan (plan-4) Rs 3,300 3,600  Rs 1.10


PlanMonthly Service ChargesFree CallsCall Charges beyond free callsApplicable Discount
(If billed amount
exceeds plan
charges by 50%)
Applicable Discount
(If billed amount 
exceeds plan 
charges by 100%)
General Plan *
Rs. 5,000 Nil Rs 0.90 0 2.5%
Plan-A * Rs. 9000 9000 Rs. 0.90 2.5% 5%
Plan-B * Rs. 11,500 11,500 Rs. 0.85 2.5% 5%
Plan-C * Rs. 15,000 15,000 Rs. 0.80 2.5% 5%
Plan-D * Rs. 30,000 30,750 Rs. 0.70 4% 6%
Plan-E * Rs 45,000 50,000 Rs 0.65 5% 7%
Plan-F * Rs 60,000 71,000 Rs 0.60 7% 10%
Plan-G * Rs 75,000 82,000 Rs 0.40 8% 12%
Plan-H * Rs 90,000 1,10,000 Rs 0.30 12% 15%
* Revised plan charges applicable w.e.f. 01/05/2018

Please Note : 

  • Equipment like Telephone Instrument, Broad Band Modems /CPEs  (Customer Premises Equipment), ONU(Optical Network Units), NT1
    (for ISDN lines), if provided at Customers' premises by MTNL, are sole property of MTNL, Mumbai.
  • Pool Billing:- Arrangement for pool billing of ISDN PRI terminated at one EPABX is permitted.
  • Each PRI carries traffic of 30 lines.
  • CIP plans are applicable for those customers paying monthly telephone bill of Rs 1 Lakh or above.
  • Two years service commitment.
  • For ISPs, only 'General Plan' is permissible.
  • For new bookings/change of tariff plan, please call nearest CSC.
  • Missed calls are not charged and metering starts only after called party answers.

Other Charges

Registration Charges
Basic Rate Access Nil
Primary Rate Access Nil
Security Deposits
Network Termination(NT1) Rs. 1,000 (to be collected in the 1st bill) Non-refundable
Simple ISDN Handset Rs. 16,000
ISDN PC Card Rs. 9,600
ISDN Feature Phone Rs. 7,000
Terminal Adapter Rs. 50,000
ISDN PBX (per Port) Rs. 50,000
G4 FAX Terminal Rs. 3,68,000
Video Conferencing System Rs. 76,000
Other Deposits
Initial Deposit for BRA Rs. 5,000
(Rs. 3,000 will be collected at the time of initial booking & Rs. 2,000 to be collected in the first bill)
Initial Deposit for PRA Rs. 15,000 *
Installation Charges
Wiring up to network terminal for PRA Rs. 4,000
Wiring up to network terminal for BRA Rs. 300
Subscriber Interface Bus Rs. 500
ISDN Terminals  
ISDN PC Card Rs. 400
ISDN Feature Phone Rs. 550
Terminal Adapter Rs. 475
ISDN PBX per Port Rs. 800
G4 FAX Terminal Rs. 6,000
Videophone Rs.1,350
Safe Custody charges
For Basic Rate Access (BRA) NIL
For Primary Rate Access (PRA) 20% of the standard rent i.e. Rs. 1000/- per month
Safe Custody period of 1 year & grace period of 3 months.
One time charges of Rs. 100/- will be taken at the time of reconnection.
* Rs.15,000 are also exempted for corporate customers paying revenue of Rs.1,00,000 or more per month for all MTNL services together.

Incentives / Rebates

MTNL has started giving the following Incentives/Rebate to the Customers who purchase & provide their own HDSL Modems at both the ends for ISDN PRA lines.

  • Waiver of Installation Charges of Rs.4000/-
  • A rebate of Rs.1000/- per month will be given in charges of Rs.5000/-OR Assured Charges as per one of the CIP Schemes for one year only.
  • The HDSL Modem will be maintained by the Customer & Modem will remain property of the Customer.


Charges for point to point connectivity : ISDN BRA Lines

Registration Charges Nil
Security Deposit (refundable) Rs.6000/-(will be collected at the time of registration)
Installation Charges Rs.600/-(Rs.100/-if internal wiring is done by the customer)
Monthly Access Charges Rs.2900/-plus Goods & Service Tax(no other calls except point to point calls are allowed)
NT Charges (non-refundable) Rs. 1,000/-
Modems To be provided by the customer.
Installation and Testing charges Same as for normal ISDN BRA line.
No metering on these lines, as these will be strictly from point to point basis.

Temporary ISDN

Charges for Casual / Temporary ISDN connections

Connectivity charges (to be paid in advance)

Connectivity charges Rs.500/per week Rs.5000/- for 15 days
Rs.10000/- for > 15 days to 30 days
Rs.10000/- + proportionate rent for additional no. of days for a period of one month & above.
Security Deposit for NT or Modem Rs.2000/-(NT) Rs.10000/-(If MTNL provides HDSL Modem)
NIL-(If HDSL Modem is arranged by the customer himself)
Security Deposit for
(a)Local calls:
(b)STD calls:
(c)ISD calls:





Installation Charges Rs.150/- per line Rs. 4,000/- (non-refundable)
(to be collected in the 1st bill)
Minimum period of hire One week 15 days
Free Calls NIL NIL
Call charges Rs.1.20/- per unit Rs. 1.00 per unit

Terms and conditions

  • Amount shall be payable in advance for total no. of days for which casual connection is required.
  • Security deposit amount shall be refundable on depositing the HDSL Modem back to MTNL in good working condition. In case of Loss/ Physically damaged/ Burnt HDSL Modem, the security deposit amount shall be forfeited by MTNL.
  • Extension of the scheme will be allowed with payment of demand note for additional no. of days at least 3 days prior to closing of the connection. No Installation charge will be levied in case of extension of this scheme.
  • Security deposit is not applicable in case of Government agencies.

For more details on tariff, please contact;

Corporate Helpline - 022 2436 8686

  • Smt Lata Madhavan (DGM EBP-1/2) - 022-2438 5577
  • Shri Anil Kumar  (DGM EBG-1/2) - 022-2421 0222 / 2430 9983




  • Email : Add up to 10 business and/or personal email accounts easily and configure each one individually. Click on email settings icon from your handset to configure your email accounts.
  • Organizer : Update your Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Memo pads, personalize them and get alerts.
  • Phone : With MTNL, enjoy the best Cellular service and stay in touch with your near and dear.
  • SMS : Enjoy your regular Short Message Service with more typing comfort through enhanced keyboard.
  • Web browsing : Browse and surf the internet while on the go.
  • Instant Messaging : Stay in touch with your Yahoo™ messenger or GTalk™ buddies also try BlackBerry™ messenger with your smartphone
  • Social Networking : Don't leave behind your Social Network on Orkut™ or Facebook™ etc, by Logged In 24x7.
  • Attachment viewing : Check widely used attachment formats such as JPEG, BMP, TIFF, Microsoft™ Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF etc.
  • Robust partners and solution ecosystem – Applications : as Sky has no limits so as our applications. With continuous R&D new applications are keep on adding in the list, so stay updated.


BlackBerry ® Bold™ 9000


  • Fast Performance
  • Multimedia
  • GPS
  • Wi-Fi
  • File Editing
  • Mobile Streaming
  • Brilliant Displays
  • Power
  • Price: Rs. 13,490/-
  • Know More



BlackBerry ® Curve™ 8310


  • Wireless Email
  • Organizer
  • Wireless Internet
  • Phone
  • Camera
  • Video Recording
  • Media player
  • Corporate Data Access
  • SMS
  • GPS
  • Price: Rs. 7820/-
  • Know more



BlackBerry ® 8700G


  • Wireless Email
  • Organizer
  • Phone
  • Browser
  • Corporate Data Access
  • Wireless Internet
  • SMS
  • Price: Rs. 5990
  • Know More




Payment on installments:( for Corporate customers and MTNL/BSNL staff only)

MTNL offer Blackberry handsets on 12 equal monthly installments to the Corporate customers. There will be no processing fee charged.

Now get One Blackberry Handset* Free on Bulk Purchase of ten Handsets: (for Corporate customers and MTNL/BSNL staff only)

*The Blackberry handsets in this offer will be sold along with Dolphin connections only.

BlackBerry Handsets are available only at MTNL BKC Telephone Exchange, CST Road, Kurla (W), Mumbai 400 098.

Contact (during Office hours) : (022)26504200, 26524050

Prepaid Plans

Blackberry Services for Prepaid

Plan BIS Lite BIS Lite (Trail) BIS Unlimited 2G^
MRP  Rs. 251/- Rs. 151/- Rs. 399/-
Validity 30 days  15 days 30 days
Activation Procedure SMS ACT BB 251 to 499*

SMS ACT BB 150 to 499

SMS ACT BB 399 to 499*

Features Email (POP/IMAP) Access Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
BB Messenger Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Instant Messengers Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
BlackBerry Browser NA NA Unlimited
Internet Browsing (MTNL WAP) 3p/10kb 3p/10kb 3p/10kb
Social Networking No No Yes
Application Download# No No Yes
Games Download# No No Yes
BlackBerry Maps No No Yes

^ Downlink speed up to 384 Kbps.

# from a third-party web site


  • The minimum download speed for 2G is 20 Kbps while for 3G it's 256 Kbps subject to various factors such as number of subscribers browsing the data services, low coverage area, location of the customer, peak/off time, kind of device is being used, type of application consuming data, website behavior and other external factors.
  •  The customer must have sufficient balance to avail the facility. Outgoing SMS for activation will not be charged. The SMS must be sent from the BlackBerry handset only
  • BIS plan will be activated within 6 hours. The customer will receive SMS confirming the same
  •  *Auto-renewal: If the customer does not deactivate the service before expiry, then the BB plan will be automatically renewed. The service will be automatically deactivated in case of insufficient balance
  •  Deactivation: For deactivation SMS DACT BB to 444.
  •  Instant messengers include Yahoo messenger, Google talk and Windows live messenger.
  •  Social networking includes Facebook, Twitter & MySpace.
  •  The free usage does not include usage of certain applications like YouTube, video/ music streaming, tickers on HTML sites, handset applications and MMS which uses mtnl.net as access point and will be charged @ 3p/10kb.
  •  If the handset has applications which auto refresh /update by connecting through the WAP gateway, you will be charged 3p/10kb. The settings for these applications are pre defined on the handset by the manufacturer.
  •  Any video streaming application or real time application like weather/stock/ news updates on your handset may also use mtnl.net to connect.
  •  International Roaming charges extra as applicable.

Postpaid Plans

Blackberry Services for Postpaid

Plan FMC  Features   
BB Email Services BB Instant Messaging Backberry Browsing and apps using Black berry Access point Free Data Download* Data Charges Beyond Free Usage
Blackberry 3G Unlimited Rs 1199 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 750 Mb 3p/10kb
Blackberry 2G Unlimited Rs 699 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 300 Mb 3p/10kb
BIS 499 2G Plan Rs 499 Free Usage Restricted Upto 500 Mb Nil 3p/10kb
BIS 349 2G Economy Rs 349 Free Usage Restricted upto 200Mb  Nil 3p/10kb
  • * - The benefit of free data download is available in MTNL Mumbai N/w and in Maharashtra & Goa.
  • The minimum download speed for 2G is 20 Kbps while for 3G it's 256 Kbps subject to various factors such as number of subscribers browsing the data services, low coverage area, location of the customer, peak/off time, kind of device is being used, type of application consuming data, website behavior and other external factors.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is MTNL Blackberry Service?

    MTNL BlackBerry Service is a secure wireless solution for mobile professionals to connect with people and    
    information while on the go. It provides user with wireless access to a full suite of business applications like email,                 phone , SMS, MMS, browser, organizer, instant messenger, social networking and more, all this on single   
    BlackBerry Smartphone.

2. How to subscribe MTNL BlackBerry Service?

    You can subscribe for prepaid Blackberry plans through SMS. For postpaid Blackberry plans call MTNL Customer    
    Care 1503.

3. How is MTNL BlackBerry Service different from the other solutions?

    BlackBerry Service is based on Push Mail technology. Your emails are pushed automatically to your BlackBerry    
    Smartphone as soon as it reaches your mail server. Thus, no need of browsing or downloading to access mails.

4. Do I need another SIM to use a BlackBerry Smartphone?

     No. You may subscribe for this service using your existing MTNL SIM or USIM card.

5. What are the prerequisite to get MTNL BlackBerry service?

    Just a MTNL Postpaid or Prepaid Number and a BlackBerry Smartphone.

6. Can I purchase BlackBerry Smartphone from Market and which BlackBerry Smartphone does MTNL

    Yes, you can purchase any 'Network-unlocked' BlackBerry Smartphone from Market also, however MTNL is  
    offering following Smartphone at very economical rates: "BlackBerry 8700g", "BlackBerry Curve 8310 (GPS) &        
   "BlackBerry Bold 9000 (3G)"

7. Does this service work on BlackBerry compatible connect devices?

    Yes, it will work.

8. Does this service work on unlocked BlackBerry Smart phone?

    Yes, it will work.

9. I have recently switched to MTNL network. Earlier I was taking Black Berry services from a different  
   telecom service provider. What should I do?

    If you were using your Black Berry device with some other service provider previously, you need to  
   deactivate/deregister your Black berry services from that operator. Then only you should register for Black Berry  
   services of MTNL.

10. Will there be separate charges for accessing emails or chatting through Blackberry Smart phone?

     No, you will be charged as per your selected BlackBerry data plan.

11. What types of email accounts are supported?

      MTNL BlackBerry Service supports the following email accounts: "Bol Mail / Gmail / MSN / Hotmail / Yahoo /Rediff  
     /POP3 / IMAP4 / Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino mail account"

12. I have trouble in the Email setup. What to do ?

     Try to setup email from handset itself i.e. from the home screen of the blackberry smartphone by clicking Email
     Settings/Setup. If that is not helping then visit http://mtnl.blackberry.com.

13. I have switched to a new Black Berry model. Do I need to validate email again?

      Yes, whenever a customer switches from one Black Berry model to another, he/she needs to validate email

14. Can we integrate personal as well as business mails together with Blackberry Service?

      Yes. Internet based Mail accounts like Bol Mail, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo etc as well as your personal POP3 / Internet                   Service Provider (ISP) email accounts can be integrated with BlackBerry Service.

15. Do we get a new Blackberry email address for Blackberry Internet Service [BIS]?


16. What is difference between Blackberry Internet Service [BIS] &Blackberry Enterprise Server [BES]?

      BlackBerry Enterprise Server [BES] requires setup and maintenance of a BlackBerry Enterprise Server to manage
      the link between BlackBerry Smart phone& Corporate Mail Server, whereas BlackBerry Internet Service [BIS]
      provides access to emails upon a simple setup over the internet.

17. Can both Enterprise Service [BES] and Internet Service [BIS], be used on the same BlackBerry Smart


18. What is PIN and where can I find the PIN for my Blackberry Smartphone?

       You can find your PIN on either of the following locations on your Smart phone: "On the Home screen, go to
      Options - Status" "On the sticker of your BlackBerry Smart phone box" "Under the battery cover"

19. Is the message delivery real-time?

      Yes. Once an email reaches the inbox of your mail server, a message notification will be delivered to your  
      BlackBerry Smartphone immediately.

20. What in case if my Blackberry Smartphone is lost or stolen?

      Contact MTNL Customer Care 1503

21. Will I get Blackberry service while in roaming also?

     Yes. This service is supported by GPRS roaming partners in India as well as across the globe.

22. Can Auto-signatures be set for mails sent from BlackBerry Smartphone?

      Yes. You can set auto-signature for individual email accounts configured with BlackBerry Internet Service.

23. Can Auto-Reply be set for mails configured with BlackBerry Internet Service?

       Yes. You can set Out-of-Office replies for individual email accounts configured with BlackBerry Internet Service.

24. What kind of attachment formats are supported?

      Following attachment types are supported: "Microsoft Word / Excel / PowerPoint / PDF / JPEG / BMP / TIFF"

For device features / troubleshooting visit http://in.blackberry.com

You can also call our customer care at 1503 for further details.