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A highly innovative and useful service that aids you Track, Lock & Erase the data on your mobile remotely, in case of loss or theft of device.

It also provides the complete call log details of the lost mobile at pre – determined intervals.

To activate or subscribe to mSecure - SMS SUB MS30 to 5258500.


  • Remote Locking: Helps a user to lock the lost device remotely.
  • Remote Tracking: Helps a user to remotely track the lost device by sending location details through SMS to the emergency number.
  •  Remote Erase: Helps a user to erase the complete data of the lost device remotely.
  •  Remote Alarm: Helps a user to raise an alarm on the device.
  •  Lost Handset logs: Provides complete call logs of the new number of the SIM, that has been inserted in the lost device, to the emergency number.
  •  Remote Management: Helps a user to manage all the features of mSecure remotely.

How it Works

  •  Install mSecure
  •  Enter Emergency no. & Save
  •  Active/ Configure desired features
  •  Manage remotely in case of loss or theft

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To Activate/ Deactivate

To Activate

  •  To activate mSecure or to subscribe, SMS SUB MS30 to 5258500. Charges Rs 30/30 days.
  •  You will receive a confirmation message with your username and password for online access.

To Deactivate

  •  To deactivate mSecure, SMS Unsub MS to 5258500.
  •  You will get a confirmation message.