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Music Store

A well-known quote says, ‘Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life’. Music Store is a subscription service where we offer 5 full tracks everyday at just Rs 5 with a validity of 7 days and additional downloads re 1 each.


¨ WAP based application

¨ There will be a search option for users to search songs based on actor name, film name/album name and singer name.

¨ Auto renewal



¨ Subscription Rs 5 per day and 5 downloads FREE.

¨ Validity: 7 Days

¨ Additional Downloads @ re 1 each



Q: What is this Service? 

ANS: A dynamic music portal which offers Music Downloads of your choice anytime and anywhere. 


Q: How to get the service?

ANS: The customer has to visit the link : http://everest.shotformats.mobi:8080/portal/lpIP?ipid=166 from his mobile and accordingly the WAP portal will open & User can subscribe for the service and download content of his like and choice


De Activation

WAP Portal: - Customer can click on the “unsubscribe” link which is placed in ‘My Account’ section on the landing page of the link: http://everest.shotformats.mobi:8080/portal/lpIP?ipid=166


Q: What are the benefits of this Portal?

ANS: User can get Right Content at right Time. User can download the desired content in cost effective manner. Basically a ONE STOP SHOP for all MUSIC LOVERS…