Broadband Other Charges

One Time Registration Charge
(with tele. bill - Non-refundable)

Waived off

DSL Activation & testing charges (with telephone bill) Rs. 200  Rs 100/- (50% discount for all new Booking  from 10 sep 2014 to 30 Nov 2014)
DSL CPE One-time Upfront Charges (with tele. bill & Non refundable)
  • Normal ADSL Modem(New): Rs.300/-
  • Normal ADSL Modem(Old & Repaired):Rs. 50/- (Waived Off for 3 months w.e.f. 01.06.2014.)
  • Wireless ADSL Modem(New): Rs.600/-
  • Wireless ADSL Modem(Old & Repaired): Rs.100/- (Waived Off for 3 months w.e.f. 01.06.2014.)
  • For Customer owned CPE: NIL

Monthly CPE Service Charges for MTNL CPE

(for customer own CPE no monthly CPE charges)


Monthly CPE Service Charges for Customer Owned CPE
  • For Triband connection: Nil
 Safe custody charges Nil 
 Shifting Charges Rs 100 
Additional E-mail ID with 4MB Capacity or increase of E-mail ID capacity from 4 MB to 12 MB Rs. 200 per annum per 8 MB
 Upload Speed

Initial Upload speed will be 768Kbps for Xpress ADSL plans, 2Mbps for "ADSL 8Mbps plans", 5Mbps for VDSL-10Mbps & FTTH-10Mbps plans, 1 Mbps for DSL_450,Combo_1249 & Combo_1749.  In FTTH-20Mbps plan initial upload speed will be 10Mbps. Post Fair Usage Upload speed will be 768Kbps in all above plans. 

 Additional Upload Speed Rs 250 p.m. for each additional 256 Kbps bandwidth (higher upload speed above 1 Mbps is subject to feasibility and CPE compatibility) 
Tariff for additional Wi-Fi CPEs for Enhancing coverage

One time upfront charges for additional Wi-Fi CPEs (Non Refundable): Rs 1000/- per CPE

Monthly CPE Charges for additional Wi-Fi CPEs: Rs100 per CPE per month

Static IP Rs 2000 per annum per IP 
Rs 200 per month per IP
 Static IP Pool of 4, 8, 16 IPs +1 WAN IP

Rs 2000 per annum per IP
Rs 200 per month per IP

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  • Equipment like Telephone Instrument, Broad Band Modems /CPEs (Customer Premises Equipment), ONU(Optical Network Units), NT1(for ISDN lines), if provided at Customers' premises by MTNL, are sole property of MTNL, Mumbai.
  • Service Tax 12.36% extra.