Last Updated on 4th May 2018

 Revised Broadband Tariff w.e.f. from 1st December 2017. book online  button

Unlimited Plans


FUP Unlimited Plans

Monthly  Charges 
Pre FUP Download Speed (upto) / Plan Name / Free Usage Quota (FUP)Free Voice Benefits
(in Combo plans only)
Post FUP Download Speed
6 Mbps8 Mbps10 Mbps12 Mbps14 Mbps16 Mbps
600 BB-600-6M
80 GB
70 GB
65 GB
55 GB
-- -- 150 calls 1 Mbps
800 BB-800-6M
145 GB
120 GB
95 GB
85 GB
-- -- 200 calls
1000 BB-1000-6M
210 GB
170 GB
135 GB
120 GB
110 GB
100 GB
300 calls
1200 BB-1200-6M
275 GB
220 GB
185 GB
160 GB
150 GB
140 GB
500 calls
1500 BB-1500-6M
360 GB
295 GB
260 GB
225 GB
210 GB
200 GB
300 calls & Unlimited MTNL N/w (Mum+Delhi) 1.5 Mbps
2000 BB-2000-6M
450 GB
400 GB
370 GB
330 GB
300 GB
275 GB
Unlimited All N/w + STD 2 Mbps
2500 -- -- BB-2500-10M
485 GB
440 GB
400 GB
350 GB
Unlimited All N/w + STD
3000 -- -- BB-3000-10M
600 GB
560 GB
500 GB
440 GB
Unlimited All N/w + STD



Monthly Charges
Pre FUP Download Speed (upto) / Plan Name / Free Usage Quota (FUP)Free Voice Benefits
(in Combo plans only)
RemarksPost FUP Download
6 Mbps8 Mbps
299 DSL-299-NonCombo-6M

15 GB

10 GB
As per opted
Landline Plan
  • Available to new customers & existing MTNL customers without broadband.
  • These plan features will be given for a period of 6 months from the date of plan activation.
  • Customer will be migrated & billed as per BB-600-6M / BB-600-8M after 6 months.
1 Mbps
399 DSL-399-Combo-6M

15 GB

10 GB
699 -- Entertainment Unlimited Hungama

80 GB
150 calls Free Bundled Hungama Services worth Rs. 597 pm.
  • Access to stream 8000+ SD/HD Movies
  • Unlimited access to stream & download 3.5 million songs and 20,000+ videos.
  • Access to play 700+ online Games.
(Note: Data Usage applicable to above services)


Truly Unlimited Plans

Download Speed (upto)8 Mbps12 Mbps16 Mbps
Plan NameDSL-Unlimited-8MDSL-Unlimited-12MDSL-Unlimited-16M
Monthly Rent (Rs.) 2,499 3,499 4,499
Free Usage Quota Unlimited Usage
Free Calls (in Combo Plans) Unlimited Calls on all N/W (STD + Local)



High-Speed Plans


High-Speed Internet Plans on VDSL & Fibre

Click Here to see FTTH Enabled Buildings

Download Speed (upto)Plan NameMonthly Charges (Rs)FUP Usage QuotaFree Voice Benefits
(in Combo Plans only)
50 Mbps till FUP
& 1.5 Mbps afterward *  
High Speed 750^  750 65 GB 175 Calls
High Speed 950 950 90 GB 300 Calls
High Speed 1299 1,299 130 GB 500 Calls
High Speed 1549 1,549 180 GB 750 Calls
50 Mbps till FUP
& 2 Mbps afterward *  
High Speed 2049 2,049 220 240 GB# Unlimited Calls + STD
High Speed 2999 2,999 325 360 GB# Unlimited Calls + STD
High Speed 3999 3,999 450 GB Unlimited Calls + STD
100 Mbps till FUP
& 2 Mbps afterward * 
(only on FTTH plans)
Very High Speed 4999 4,999 600 GB Unlimited Calls + STD
Very High Speed 7999 7,999 1000 GB Unlimited Calls + STD

 ^ New plan launched w.e.f. 1st March 2018 | # Revised FUP w.e.f. 03/04/2018

Fibre Truly Unlimited Plans

Download Speed (upto)8 Mbps12 Mbps16 Mbps
Plan NameFTTH-Unlimited-8MFTTH-Unlimited-12MFTTH-Unlimited-16M
Monthly Rent (Rs.) 2,499 3,499 4,499
Free Usage Quota Unlimited Usage
Free Calls (in Combo Plans) Unlimited Calls on all N/W (STD + Local)


FTTH Voice Service 

Fixed Monthly ChargesFree CallsCall Charges beyond free callsCall Packs for Additional Calls
Rs. 50    50 Calls    Rs. 1.00 per pulse or as per selected Call Pack   Rs. 50 65 calls
Rs. 100 140 Calls
Rs. 200 290 Calls

 MTNL Mumbai's popular landline plans "Plan 290 (150 calls)", "Plan 500 (450 calls)" & "Plan 1000 (1000 calls)" are also available to Fibre to the Home (FTTH) voice customers. Click here to see the detailed tariff.

Security Deposit for Voice Services

  • Local / STD facility : Rs.1000/- (to be collected in 2 equal installments)
  • ISD facility: Rs.3000/- (to be collected in 6 equal installments) 
  • MTNL Telephone Instrument Charges: Rs. 300 (Nil for customer-owned Instrument).



Data Plans

Broadband Usage Plan

Plan Name

DSL 330 (Non Combo)

Monthly Free Data Usage(Upload + Download) 15 GB
Monthly Service Charges Rs. 330
Usage Charges (beyond monthly free data) 5p / MB
Download Speed  upto 6 Mbps
Free Voice Benefits As per Opted Landline Plan



Data Top-Up

Broadband Data Top-Ups (revised w.e.f. 1st March 2018)

Now customers can enjoy FUP based unlimited Broadband / VDSL / FTTH plans with uninterrupted regular download speed by opting Monthly Data Top-Ups post-FUP usage.

 Data Top-Up
(Excluding GST)
3 GB Rs. 49
7 GB Rs. 99
11 GB Rs. 149
20 GB Rs. 249
30 GB Rs. 349
50 GB Rs. 549
70 GB Rs. 749
100 GB Rs. 999
170 GB Rs. 1,499
300 GB Rs. 1,999
500 GB*  Rs. 2,999
1000 GB*  Rs. 4,999 


  • Data Top-Up will be available to all Fair Usage Unlimited Plan Customers of ADSL, VDSL, and FTTH.
  • Data Top-Ups will be valid for the particular calendar month and will be charged in the next billing cycle.
  • Opted Data Top-Ups should not be greater than customer plan FUP limit.
    (E.g. BB-800-4M plan customer with 20GB FUP limit can top up only 6GB, 12GB, and 18GB.)
  • Customers may request Data Top-Up Online or by calling at 1500 or may apply to nearest CSC.
  • * Introduced for registration w.e.f. 03/04/2018.


Other Charges


Broadband One Time Charges

ParticularsCharges (non-refundable)Monthly CPE Charges
ADSL Registration and Activation charges on existing Landline Waived Off --
ADSL Activation & Testing charges (with telephone bill) Rs. 300 --
Normal ADSL CPE upfront charges Rs. 300 Rs. 70
Wireless ADSL / ADSL Line Bonding CPE upfront charges Rs. 600 Rs. 70
ADSL old & repaired Normal/Wireless CPE upfront charges Rs. 100 Rs. 70
VDSL Registration and Activation charges on existing landline Rs.500 --
VDSL Registration and Activation charges with new landline Rs. 1,000 --
Wireless CPE Upfront charges( For Usage with Normal  VDSL CPE) Rs.600 Rs. 70
Normal VDSL CPE Rs. 1,000 Rs. 70
Wireless VDSL CPE Rs. 1600
(to be taken in 4 equal installments of Rs.400 in the bill).
Waived off for new bookings with an annual
plan / annual payment option.
Rs. 120
FTTH Registration and Activation charges Rs. 500 Nil *
FTTH Voice Service Installation charges Rs. 200 Nil * --
FTTH ONT Upfront charges Rs.1,000 Rs. 70
Wireless CPE Upfront charges( For Usage with Normal FTTH CPE) Rs.600 # Rs. 70
FTTH WiFi ONT Upfront Charges Rs. 1,500 Rs 120
Additional Wireless CPE charges for enhancing coverage  Rs. 1,000 Rs 100
Limited period offer :
# The amount will be taken in 3 installments in subsequent bills. (valid from 22/03/2018 till 19/06/2018)
* Charges waived off from 01/05/2018 till 31/07/2018.


Additional Upload Charges

 For each Additional Upload Speed ofMonthly ChargesAvailability on Network
256 Kbps Rs 100 50^ ADSL only
1 Mbps* Rs. 300 150^ VDSL & FTTH only
5 Mbps* Rs. 600 300^
10 Mbps* Rs. 1,000 500^
20 Mbps*  Rs. 750^ FTTH only
^ Revised additional upload monthly charges are applicable w.e.f. 1st March 2018.
* Please note, availability of Upload Speed above 1 Mbps is subject to feasibility & CPE compatibility.


Static IP Charges

ParticularsMonthly ChargesAnnual Charges
Static IP Rs 200 per IP Rs 2000 per IP 
 Static IP Pool of 4, 8, 16 IPs + 1 WAN IP
For More Details click here


Other Charges

Safe custody charges
  • ADSL/VDSL/Line Bonding Connection: Rs 100 pm 
  • FTTH connections: Rs 1,000 pm (or 50% of Monthly Service Charges, whichever is less)
Shifting Charges Rs 300 
Additional E-mail ID Rs. 400 per annum (100 MB capacity)



 Terms and Conditions:

  • Fair Usage Policy: FUP quota in all FUP based unlimited plans is applicable for one calendar month. Fresh FUP quota as per selected plan is made available to the customer from 1st of every month. Existing customer migrating to FUP plan or customer booking new broadband in middle of the month will get Fair Usage Policy on a proportionate basis for the remaining days of the month.
  • Customer may useData Top-Up to get pre FUP speed after exhausting FUP Quota on all FUP based unlimited broadband plans.
  • Truly Unlimited Plans: No fair usage policy is applicable for Truly Unlimited Plans. However, MTNL reserves the right to discontinue the benefits if the plan is used beyond the prescribed TRAI Guidelines for any commercial/telemarketing activities. This will also be applicable to customers using FUP based unlimited plans.
  • The data usage wherever mentioned includes downloads and uploads.
  • Usage Alerts: MTNL provides usage alerts via SMS to our customers when they reach 80% and then 100% of their FUP Limit. Customer can update their Mobile No and Email-ID by registering at
  • Upload Speed:
    • For ADSL 2Mbps, 4Mbps & 6Mbps Plans: Up to 768Kbps till Fair Usage Policy(FUP) quota and up to 512Kbps afterward. 
    • For ADSL from 8Mbps till 16Mbps Plans: Up to 1Mbps till Fair Usage Policy(FUP) quota and up to 512Kbps afterward. 
    • For VDSL & FTTH Plans: Up to 5Mbps 10Mbps till Fair Usage Policy (FUP) quota and up to 512Kbps 1Mbps afterward. (Revised w.e.f. 1st March 2018)

    • Customer may buy additional upload speed as per existing tariff.
  • Combo Plans:
    • Calls to any Landline & Mobile Network Both Mumbai as well as Delhi shall be free between 11:00 PM to 07:00 AM and all STD calls shall be charged 1 MCU per 180 sec between 11:00 PM to 07:00 AM.(Revised w.e.f. 1st March 2018)
    • Rent free Landline will be provided and free voice benefits will be given as shown above.
    • Outgoing calls will be charged at Re.1 per pulse (as per Landline 250 plan).
    • Customer may also use Landline Add-on Packs for making landline calls.
  • Payment Options: Discount allowed in monthly service charges;
    • For Quarterly Payment Mode: 7 Days
    • For Half Yearly Payment Mode: 15 Days
    • For Annual Payment Mode: 30 Days (i.e. 1 Month)
  • Standalone Broadband: 4Mbps & above plans can be taken as Standalone Broadband category without a landline connection.
  • Unlimited free voice benefits cannot be used for outgoing calls to Premium Numbers, IN Numbers and Other chargeable shortcodes (level 1 etc.). These calls will be charged as per prevailing tariffs.
  • MTNL CPE: Equipment like Telephone Instrument, Broad Band Modems /CPEs (Customer Premises Equipment), ONU(Optical Network Units), NT1(for ISDN lines), if provided at Customers' premises by MTNL, are the sole property of MTNL, Mumbai.MTNL supplied Broadband CPE (Modem/Router) belongs to MTNL and in event of non-return of equipment customer will have to pay applicable charges.
  • Connection Feasibility & Speed: Speed mentioned is subjected to technical feasibility. Speed indicated are only up to MTNL ISP node and are given on best effort basis as per TRAI guidelines.
  • Goods & Service Tax (GST) Extra as Applicable. 

TRAI format Broadband Tariff.