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Broadband 2Mbps Usage Plans   

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Plan Name

DSL 330

Monthly Service Charges 330
Monthly Free Data Usage(Upload + Download) 6 GB
Usage Charges 15 p/ MB
Download Speed  upto 2 Mbps
Upload Speed upto 512 Kbps



  • Old/Repaired CPE compulsorily offered for new booking.
  • Old UT star Modem support Upload Speed only upto 768 Kbps. Rest of the Modems of Bitone and Beetal make support 1Mbps upload.
  • Download Speed indicated are only upto MTNL ISP node and are given on best effort basis as per TRAI guidelines.
  • Monthly Modem charges : Rs.50 for MTNL supplied Modem
  • MTNL supplied Broadband CPE (Modem/Router) belongs to MTNL and in event of non-return of equipment customer will have to pay applicable charges
  • Customers will get one free email id with all above plans.

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