Last updated on 10th March 2022

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  • For Landline to Mobile Calls: All landline users are requested to add the prefix '0' before dialing any mobile number.

IVRS  (Landline/Broadband/FTTH)

Via MTNL Landline NumberDial - XXXX 2198
Via Mobile NumberDial - 022 XXXX 2198
* Kindly note, XXXX is the first 4 digit of customer's MTNL landline number. (e.g. 2431 2198)

Call Center

Common Service Number (Landline/Broadband/Mobile)1130 / 1800 22 1130
Landline1500 / 2222 1500 / 1800 22 1500
Broadband1504 / 1800 22 8844
FTTH1130 / 1800 22 1130
Mobile1503 / 2222 1503 / 9869 012345
IN Services1800 22 1500

Other Services

Public Grievance Service1509
Know your Landline/Broadband unpaid Bill Amount1130 / 1800 22 1130
Know your Landline/Broadband unpaid Bill Amount through SMSSend SMS Bill < Landline No > to 51001

Online Complaint Booking

Landline/Broadband/FTTHClick here
Mobile ServicesClick here
Leased CircuitClick here

Send SMS on 9969108108

Type of complaint / enquirySMS Text
Landline Bill EnquiryBILL XXXXXXXX
Landline Complaint BookingLLCOM XXXXXXXX
Landline Complaint TrackingLLFTR XXXXXXXX
Broadband Complaint BookingBBCOM XXXXXXXX
Broadband Complaint TrackingBBFTR XXXXXXXX
Leased Circuit Complaint Booking *LCCOM XXXXXXXXXX
Note :
1) XXXXXXXX is your Landline / Broadband / FTTH number.
2) *For Leased Circuit XXXXXXXXXX is 10 digit LCID number .

Escalation Level-1

Landline/Broadband/FTTHClick here
Leased CircuitClick here
Toll Free ServicesClick here
Landline BillingClick here
Mobile & Mobile BillingClick here

Zonal Helpdesk

Know your Zone to escalate the complaint via E-Mail (Landline/Broadband/FTTH);
Note: Booking of Docket is mandatory for the escalation of complaint.

Social Media

Click here to escalate the complaint on Twitter.

Escalation Level-2

For more assistance, please
Note: Booking of Docket is mandatory for the escalation of complaint
Click here to contact Appellate Authority for further escalation of complaint.