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Prepaid Balance Transfer

Now transfer your prepaid balance to any MTNL prepaid mobile number anytime anywhere.

Process for Balance Transfer

Just follow the these simple steps to transfer prepaid balance

  • Generate four digit secret transfer key via call center number 1503 ( toll free)
  • Now Dial:*450#Transfer key*Transfer amount in Rs.*Receiver’s Mobile Number#
  • Both donor and receiver will receive SMS on successful balance transfer.

Example: Suppose you want to transfer Rs. 25 to another MTNL prepaid mobile number and your four digit secret number is 1234 then you will dial *450#1234*25*9869XXXXXX#

Processing fee for Balance Transfer

Following processing fee will be charged to the donor for each prepaid balance transfer.

 Transfer AmountProcessing Fee
1. Rs 5- Rs 15 Rs 3.00
2. Rs 16 - Rs 50 20% of the amount transferred

Example : If you want to transfer Rs 25 to another MTNL prepaid mobile number then Rs 25 + processing fee will be deducted from your prepaid balance.

Terms & Conditions

  • You can transfer any amount between Rs 5 to Rs 50. Cumulative amount transfer by donor in a single day is limited to Rs 50
  • Balance transfer facility is applicable amongst MTNL Prepaid subscribers only.
  • Both donor and the receiver should be active on MTNL Mumbai network.
  • Donor must have sufficient balance to transfer prepaid balance.
  • There is no restriction on the number of transactions to multiple numbers subject to maximum cumulative amount transfer to Rs 50.
  • Balance transfer amount should be in whole digits only.
  • You can change the secret transfer key from the call center.