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Last Updated on 06th January 2024

SIP Trunking services

SIP Trunk service: SIP Trunk service is an IP-Based Enterprise Business communication Solution to meet Enterprise requirement of high volume, high call rate, voice communication over secured VPN network. SIP Trunk Service target customers are Government Organization, Banking, Software as a Service providers, Institutions, Customer Support Centers, Call Centers, Telemarketers, Out Bound Dialing Service Operators, etc. .


SIP Trunking services

  • Highly scalable, reliable, secured, Unified Communication solution.
  • Best Voice Quality support over G.711 codec. Additional codec support G.729 and AMR
  • Geographical Redundancy.
  • Redundant Network Gateways.
  • IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) standard compliant.
  • Service delivery over end to end high speed IP enabled, secured, MPLS network
  • Realtime Monitoring
  • Centrally managed communication


SIP Trunking service charges

Concurrent Channels per SIP trunkMonthly charges per concurrent Channel in Rs.Monthly free calls Per concurrent channelCall charges beyond free calls Rs/pulse (60 sec Pulse)
10-25 & 1 Call Admission per Second (CAPS) 600 850 0.70
30-45 & 1 Call Admission per Second (CAPS) 550 800 0.70
50-90 & 1 call admission Per Second (CAPS) 500 600 0.70
100-490 & 5 call admission Per Second (CAPS) 400 450 0.60
500-990 & 10 call admission Per Second (CAPS) 350 400 0.50
1000-1900 & 10 to 19  call admission Per Second (CAPS) 300 350 0.40
2000-4900 &  20 to 49 call admission Per Second (CAPS) 250 300 0.40
5000-10000 & 50 to 100 call admission Per Second (CAPS) 200 250 0.40

** GST extra applicable as per rules

Note : SIP Trunk has to be taken along with FTTH connection/ILL on FTTH .FTTH connection can be taken in any of existing FTTH/ILL plans .FTTH/ILL connection tariff will be separately charged as per opted plan.


Terms & Conditions

  1. DIDs per Concurrent Channel : Maximum DIDs (including pilot number) per concurrent channel shall be 10. Two DIDs per concurrent channel shall be provided free and DIDs beyond 2 and up to 10 per concurrent channel shall be provided on chargeable basis at Rs.10/- per DID per month.
  2. Minimum Concurrent channels shall be 10 and maximum channels per SIP trunk are 10,000.
  3. Concurrent channels shall be given in increments of 5 starting from 10 to 45.
  4. Concurrent channels shall be given in multiples of 10 for 50-990 concurrent channel plans and multiples of 100 for 1,000 to 10,000 concurrent channel plans.
  5. CAPS for concurrent channel plans of 1,000-10,000 will be from 10 to 100 with incremental of 1 CAPS for every additional 100 concurrent channels.
  6. Suitable plan of FTTH/ ILL (Internet leased line ) will be decided based on the fallback bandwidth (FUP) for that plan. The fallback bandwidth (FUP) should be more than double the bandwidth required for SIP Trunk . This will ensure that the required bandwidth for toll quality SIP Trunk service (number of concurrent channels x 150 kbps ) is always readily available even when internet services are used by the customer simultaneously with SIP Trunk over the same FTTH internet Pipe.
  7. Bandwidth required under FUP should be : 2 x number of concurrent channels x 150 kbps.
  8. Additionally all other charges are applicable to customer for opted FTTH or ILL plan.
  9. All ISD calls shall be charges as per prevailing ISD tariff rates/orders & local plus STD calls will be rated at 60 sec pulse.
  10. IP-PBX should be purchased by customer & Maintenance of IP-PBX with Customer.

Other Charges


FTTH Infrastructure charges
(Non Refundable)
Rs.4000/- One Time
Deposit charges Nil  

** Additionally other charges are applicable for FTTH or ILL opted by customer
** GST extra applicable as per rules

For more details, please send E-Mail on:

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