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Universal Access Number (UAN)

The UAN service allows a subscriber to publish a national number and have the incoming calls routed to different destinations based on various criteria such as the geographical location of the caller, the time, the day or the date on which the call is made.


Service Features

Core Features

  • One Number

Optional Features

  • Call forwarding on busy no Answer
  • Call Logging
  • Origin Dependent Routing
  • Origination call screening
  • Time Dependent Routing

Access Procedure

Dialing Plan : 190122 YYYY

Access Code : 1901 , UAN Number : YYYY ( 4 digits)


Sl.NoParticulars UAN Full Charge
1 Processing Charges /Registration charges  for Service (Non refundable) Rs.1000/-

 Security Deposit  (Refundable)

Rs.6000/- (Two month rent deposit)

3  Fixed Monthly Charges for service Rs.3000/-
4  Principal destination number

MTNL Mumbai area (any operator)

5  Call Charges Payable by

Calling Party Charges payable as Below

  a) From MTNL N/w 1) Rs. As per plan/30 sec pulse from MTNL LL. 2) Rs.2/- per 60 sec for Dolphin subscriber
  b) From  other operators including  BSNL N/w Rate chargeable by the concerned telecom operator is applicable
6 Discount NIL
7 IN Number 1860-222-2<9
8 Modification in service Rs.100/-
9 Detailed Billing ( only soft copy) Rs.100/-

Premium Charges

1860 222 YYYY ( like 4444, 5555, 6666) Rs.100000/-
1860 222 AABB  (like 2244, 3355, 4466) Rs.  50000/-
1860 222 ABCD OR ABAB (like 1234, 2020) Rs.  25000/-

Call terminating on UAN subscriber's lines is charged to the calling party. 

How to Subscribe

Contact No. :  22634045

Assistance General Manager (PR - LC): Contact No. 22634045

Public Relation Officer (LC): Contact No. 22616411


AGM (PR) LC unit, 

Gr. Flr. Fountain -1 Telecom Building, 

Near VSNL(TATA Tele Comm), 

Fountain, Mumbai.

Technical assistance

Sub Divisional Engineer: 1860-222-6789/ 24327002 / 24382486

For complaints dial Toll Free No. : 1800221500