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 Account Card Calling Services

Account calling service allows customers to make a call from any phone of MTNL (Mumbai & Delhi) to any destination - local, national or international, even using the phone without STD/ISD facility.


features and Facilities

All ACC calls are preceded by the access code 160422. After dialing the access code, the customer is prompted to enter the prepaid account card number and PIN . The user dials his/her account card number and PIN for validation and the numbers give the unique identification of the subscriber, after the authentication check, the customer is prompted to dial the destination number. The User Can make calls only if he has a credit balance in his card account.

Access Procedure

Dial Access Code: 160422, Followed by 8 digit card Number, followed by 4 digit PIN, Followed by Destination Number

Dialing Plan : 160422 - XXXXXXXX -  YYYY -    ZZZZZZZZ

Card number : XXXXXXXXXX (8 digits)
PIN - YYYY ( 4 digits),  Destination Number : ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.....(Max 20 digits)

Important Information

Please refer "VCC Important Informatiom"  Click Here

Advantages to customers

  •  Need not own a phone connection.
  •  Can make calls from any tone phone.
  • Need not carry cash for making calls.
  • Helps corporates /individuals in telephone expenditure forecasting and hence budgeting.
  • STD/ISD capacity will be available from any phone.
  • It is much cheaper than hotel phones, hence it is very useful for business executives.
  • The account number remains same and you can change authentication code at your will (only for ACC).
  • Detailed billing record will be available for all successful calls local/STD ISD
  •  Replenishment of deposit amount is possible


Call charges are debited from the pre-paid account of the card subscriber only. No bill generated for the Account card calls.

For Applying Contact

AGM (Public Relation- LC):    Contact No : 2209 4045
Public Relation Officer  (LC) : Contact No:. 2207 2690


Office of General Manager (Enterprise Network)
Ground Floor , Telephone Building,

Charanjit Rai Marg, Fort,

Mumbai-400 001.

For complaints, dial Toll Free No. : 1800 22 1500


Technical Assitance


Contact No : 1901-22-6789 / SDE (IN) on 24327002/24382486

For complaints dial Toll Free No. : 1800221500

P.S.: The rates indicated are as per present tariff and are subject to change without any notice.