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Virtual Private Network


As the name suggests a Virtual Private Network is imaginary network within a real network, i.e. it gives the service user the feeling of in-house connections to any destination within MTNL Mumbai Landline network. VPN service is best suited for corporate and consortia having significant traffic between their corporate sites to configure and use switched carrier circuits as if they are their dedicated private lines

Corporate and business houses can subscribe to VPN service i.e. they can have their own VPN network by utilizing the existing telephone lines or by taking new telephone connections. Telephone connections put on VPN network can also be used as normal telephone connections.

Universal Access Number (UAN)

The UAN service allows a subscriber to publish a national number and have the incoming calls routed to different destinations based on various criteria such as the geographical location of the caller, the time, the day or the date on which the call is made.

Toll Free Service

Toll Free Service (TFS) provides your potential customers with a 'free' and convenient way to contact you. The charges for using this Toll Free number are paid by you instead of your potential customers. Avail this service to attract more and more customers to your business.

Premium Rate Service

Premium Rate Service (PRM) is a telephone service that provides recorded information or live conversation for callers. Callers are charged a higher rate than the normal calls, which is then split between the service provider (content provider) and the network operator (MTNL). The MTNL allocates a special number to the service provider, which is known as premium rate number, that number can be accessed from MTNL (Mumbai & Delhi) phones.

 Account Card Calling Services

Account calling service allows customers to make a call from any phone of MTNL (Mumbai & Delhi) to any destination - local, national or international, even using the phone without STD/ISD facility.