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 Landline Phone Plus Services

There is more to your Landline phone with Phone Plus Services. Forward your call or make it a hotline, lock it for outgoing calls or use it for reminding you something, make calls by dialing just two digits.It is all possible with Phone Plus services.

Do more with your Landline Phone with Phone Plus services.


One thing we have forgotten to tell you, “All these amazing services are activated free of cost”. 


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Electronic Dynamic Lock

Dynamic locking completely eliminates misuse of your telephone by others. It prevents unauthorized calls from your telephone.This is completely foolproof. It is a system by which a subscriber can lock / unlock outgoing calls on his telephone.

It works on a four digit secret code selected by the subscriber from the digits 0 to 9. This code is registered with the exchange and used for opening and locking the dynamic lock on your telephone line. This code can be changed by the subscriber as often as he needs

The various options are

  • All Outgoing Calls allowed
  • Only Local Outgoing calls allowed
  • Only STD & Local Outgoing calls allowed
  • All Outgoing calls barred
Register your secret code
Registration of Code 123 ABCD ABCD
To Change Secret Code 123 ABCD EFGH
  • ABCD : Old secret code
  • EFGH : New secret code

How to use secret code

Senario Access CodeSecret CodeOption
All calls allowed 124 ABCD 0
Only Local Calls allowed 124 ABCD 1
Local, Maharashtra Circle & STD 124 ABCD 3
All outgoing Calls Barred 124 ABCD 4

The above facility can be activated by applying in CSC or call on 1500(Toll Free)


 This facility enables customer to know the telephone number of the calling person and there by allows him to keep track of any unwanted calls. Also based on preference he can either attend or not attend the phone. CLIP facility is provided absolutely free of Charge. Customer has to purchase CLIP enabled Phone to enjoy CLIP facility.

Where to Apply: No need to apply, its activated by default.

Call Forwarding

This Facility enables the subscriber to Transfer or Forward incoming calls to another telephone number, when he is not available to receive calls on his Telephone. Customer can leave his office or Home without having to miss important incoming calls.

Request for the facility has to made in the nearest CSC or by dialing 1500(Toll Free).

How to activateOnce the facility is registered, customer can activate the facility by dialing 114 followed by the number to which the incoming call is to be transferred.

Deactivation or Cancellation: Customer has to Dial 115

Reminder Call

This Facility enables customer to get reminded/waken up at a predetermined time. User of the telephone can initiate a call automatically by the exchange at a fixed time specified by him. He will get an incoming call at the exact time specified by him to wake him up or remind.

How to Register:

To be reminded at say 10.15 AM, he has to Dial 116 1015 and wait for acceptance announcement. Similarly, for registering a reminder call for 04:30 PM, Dial 116 1630 and wait for acceptance announcement.

For Cancellation: Dial 117  1015

Two local calls charged on each occasion.

Abbreviated Dialing

This facility enables customer to have his own two digit code for frequently called telephone numbers. Convenient and faster dialing especially for NSD and ISD calls. With this facility the subscriber can assign a 2 digit code to often dialled numbers.

Activation:  Dial 110 AB telephone number

AB : 2-digit code

Thereafter, to call that telephone number just press 111AB.

Where to Apply: No need to apply, as this facility is already provided to all customers.


HOTLINE facility adds great convenience by avoiding to dial the full number which the subscriber needs to call very frequently. It is a boon for an aged parent or a relative or a very young child back home, who might find it difficult to remember and dial a long number.

This facility enables the customer to get connected to another telephone number of his choice either at Mumbai or any other outstation without dialing the telephone number.  Customer has to just lift his receiver, wait for 5 seconds and he will be connected automatically to the HOTLINE number.

To make call other than the HOTLINE number customer has to dial within 5 seconds of getting dial tone.

Call Charges

Once the hotline number is connected the call will be charged as per a normal call (Local, NSD, or ISD, as the case may be).

Where to Apply:

Nearest CSC or by dialing 1500(Toll Free)

Tariff for Hotlines between two customners connected by R- circuits:-

1)To provide immediate hotline facility between two subscribers, allowing them to make any number of calls between them & barring them to make any calls to any other subscribers.

This facility will be called R-7 circuit and the request for these circuits will be registered,provided and billed bye EN unit of MTNL.

Connectivity between two points through R-7 circuits will be provided through pubilic domain trunk links as against R-5 circuits where higher link availability is ensured through provision of dedicated links.

2) Billing of the R-7 circuits will be done by EN unit and minimum of one year rental will be payabel in advance before provisioning the facility with minimum hiring period for the circuit as one year. Subsequently, billing for R-7 circuits will be done on annual basis or on half yearly,quarterly basis as is done for the other circuits provided bye EN unit, as per customers request.

The charges for new R-7 circuit will be monthly rent of Rs.220+taxes for each end(i.e. Rs. 220X2X12+taxes).

The total installation charges for both the ends is Rs. 700/-

3)Conversion of existing R-5 circuits to R-7 circuits is permitted if subscriber desires so; on receipt of written request from subscriber and no installation charges will be applicable.

Call Hunting

If a subscriber is having more than one line, Call hunting facility, helps him to use the lines effectively. This facility automatically transfers your incoming call to a free line. Subscribers need not indicate numerous numbers of their organisation on their visiting card or business letters. Principal number need only be indicated or printed.

By availing the call hunting facility for a group of numbers of an organization, If the principal number is dialed, the exchange will automatically hunt for a free number in the same group and the incoming call will land on the free number.

Where to Apply:

Nearest CSC or by dialing 1500(Toll Free)

Call Alert

Call Alert facility alerts the subscriber of another incoming call on his telephone while he is already in conversation. This facility allows the subscriber to take the second call keeping the first party on hold.

Activation: Dial "118" to activate the service.

Deactivation: Dial "119" to deactivate the service.

Where to Apply:

No need to apply, as this facility is already provided to all customers.


Three Party Conference

Three Party Conferencing is a service that allows you to dial two numbers simultaneously, thus enabling all 3 parties, i.e. the two called numbers andyou, to conference at the same time.


Where to Apply:

Nearest CSC or by dialing 1500(Toll Free)

 For Booking & details SMS 'LL' to 9869889988