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Right to Information (RTI) Act 2005

1. How to file the Application

We accept application on plain paper also. An applicant can file the application in writing in English, Hindi or local language.

2. Fees

ParticularsApplicable Charges Remarks
Application fee Rs.10/- To be deposited at MTNL Counters
Additional page Rs.2/- per page Paper Size of A-4 or A-3
Large size paper Actual charges  
Sample or Model Actual charges  
Inspection of records For the First hour- No fee
Per additional 15 minutes- Rs.5/-
Floppy Diskette Rs.50/-  

3. Mode of Payment

  • Cash against proper receipt
  • Demand Draft in favour of Accounts Officer, MTNL
  • Banker cheque-Payable to Accounts Officer, MTNL
  • Indian Postal Order in favour of Account Officer, MTNL

4. More information

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  • Click here, to know RTI-Act Under Section4(I)(d) ie Telecom Consumers Complaint, Redressal Regulation-2012 (TCCRR)
  • Click hereto know RTI-Act Under Section 4(I)(d) ie Telecom Consumers Protection Regulation-2012(TCPR)