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Broadband Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Can existing modem be used for broadband connection?

Most of the modems used for Internet are dial-up modems. They cannot be used for broadband connections. Broadband connections require special ADSL Modems. These modems are available from MTNL and can also be purchased from market. A list of supported modems is available on website. For Support Modems details click here

What types of ports are required on Computer for connecting the ADSL Modem?

The ADSL Modem has an Ethernet Port and USB Port for connectivity to computer. Either of the ports can be used for connection. The availability of either of these ports should be confirmed before registering the Broadband connection.

What are the Computer system requirements for using Broadband connection?

  • Operating System Windows 98 SE and Above
  • PC Hardware recommended
  • RAM 128 and above
  • USB port for ADSL modem/router or
  • LAN card for ADSL router
  • CD ROM drive.

Whether service will available in all technology Exchanges & in all RSU/RDLU Exchanges?

The service is available from all exchanges of MTNL.

If I want to get my own Splitter than who are the compatible vendors?

In case customer doesn't want to take CPE from MTNL , then customer have the option to get his own CPE. Following is the list of compatible CPEs with MTNL broadband connection.

  • D Link 502 T
  •  Comtrend CT-564
  •  Westell A –90-30199-07
  •  Zyxel Prestige 660 H –61
  •  Erricsson HM410c
  •  Xavi(7722+)
  •  Sterlite Optical Technologies Limited, SAM-100

Whether customer can use any ISPs email ID?

Customer can use any of the web based mail services, however the use of SMTP server is ISP Policy dependent and should be clarified from the email service provider.

Whether Static IP on broadband connection is available?

Yes static IP will be available at extra charges.

Whether Broad Band is possible in DID/DOD lines?

Broadband connections are possible from MTNL wire centers. If the DID / DOD lines are working on E1 basis, then it may not be possible to extend connections.

Is there any tool available which will resume the broken download due to ADSL/Triband disconnection ?

Yes. There are tools available known as Download Managers which have got the feature of resuming the broken downloads. These tools avoid repeat download of broken parts prior to disconnection. However use of such tools will be at customer's own risk.Click here for more info on download managers.

How to configure Outlook express for email ID ?

Please see Internet FAQ for Outlook express configuration. You can tell subscriber about SMTP and POP3 Server addresses.



Will I be able to use Broadband connection from my EPABX?

You can use Broadband connection from your EPABX provided your EPABX should have the capability. You have to check up with your supplier for the capabilities of your EPABX machine for that.

Can more than one PCs be connected to one broadband connection, How charging will be done?

As said above you can connect more than one PC to share the connection and create your own network. Total network download will be counted and speed will also be shared between the PCs.

Can I share my Broadband connection through my network?

Yes, you can share broadband connection to create you own LAN network

Can I use Fax and Broadband connection simultaneously?

Yes, you can use fax as well as Broadband simultaneously. The telephone line coming out of ADSL modem can be used as for fax while surfing the internet simultaneously.

My telephone line is Ok, all parameters are also OK, I am still not able to connect to internet.?

Please book the complaint of the customer in this case. There can be many resons for subscriber not getting the Internet. Following has to be checked for the customer: Port at NOC. Port at DSLAM(Area)

Router (ADSL) lamp is steady , but customer is unable to access the internet?

If router lamp is steady and customer is not able to get internet, then Router settings needs to be checked . Reconfigure the customer's router to start the internet?

Will my telephone work in case of Power failure?

Your telephone will continue to work in case of power failure at your end.

How is Broadband different from Tri-Band ? How is it different from ADSL ?

  1. Broadband service is called as "Tri-Band". This is based on ADSL 2+ technology which is the most advanced technology in the world.

What will be my User name and ID for Broadband login?

Your Existing telephone number on which broadband is provided is your login Id and the password will be provided to you by MTNL which you can change later.

How to create my Mail box?

You can visit MTNL website ie to create your mail boxes.Give your user ID & password and login so that you yourself can create your first free email ID. Alternatively you can call helpdesk 1800 22 8844 or send a request mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If customer doesn't want to use our any landline Plan, What will be the charges for Broadband?

The broadband services are available to MTNL landline customers only.

What will i do if any perticular site is not opening?

Customer have to change the value of MTU unit to 1492 in modem. After doing this site will open.

What will i do to enhance wi-fi coverage?

For Tariff Details click here 


Where to apply for Broadband Connection?

How much time will it take for the service to be commissioned?

Once the service is made available in your exchange area, the service will be commissioned in 7 days time.

What accessories are required for Broadband connection?

Along with MTNL telephone line, an ADSL Modem/router (CPE) is required. This CPE is also referred as Splitter. 

If customer opts for annual subscription, how will the free down load be counted & how the billing will be done?

In the case of annual subscription free download will be counted on monthly basis with no carry over to respective month. Billing will be monthly for extra usage.

{ Will Upload is counted in data limits?}

All the websites you are opening and the files you are downloading will be counted. Data and files uploaded will not be counted in your data limit

Whether surfing of sites is counted as download?

Yes, surfing of sites is also counted as download.

If free Download is not used in a particular month, Is it carried forward to the next month?

Free download is to be used in the month. This shall not be carried forward

What is the average downloading MB usage per hour? I feel by using MTNL service my usage is coming more than what I used to get from other service provider?

It is very difficult to define the download MB per hour. We provide connection at the speed of 2 Mbps. When you are surfing very data intensive site like site having good number of pictures then downloading will be more. Downloading is totally in customers hand . What he sees is what he downloads. If customer is very keen to know how much he is downloading then you can tell him to check his usage increase after one hour of surfing. He will come to know the usage.

Can cyber café / PCO holder avail this service?

Yes, cyber café/PCO holder can also avail this service.

How user will know about his usage?

Customers may check their broadband usage instantly by login to

What will be the upfront payment for Broadband services?

There will be no upfront payment for the existing MTNL landline customers. Everything will be charged in your telephone bill. Customer just need to apply for the broadband connection.

What will be the charges for additional Email Ids?

Additional Email Ids will be charged for Rs.200/- per annum with space of 4 MB each.

If I don't want MTNL landline, can I still get broadband connection?

For Tri-band connections, you need to have MTNL telephone connections. However MTNL provides attractive Combo plans with free landline.

Do I need to apply for new Telephone connection for Broadband connection?

If you already have MTNL telephone connection then Broadband can be provided on the existing telephone connection. You just have to apply for the Broadband . In case if you don't have MTNL Landline, then for broadband connection you need to apply for New telephone connection. you can apply for new broadband connection along with new telephone connection.

II don't have a MTNL telephone connection, How do I go about applying for Broadband connection?

If you don't have MTNL connection then you need to apply for a new connection to avail of broadband services.

What will be the help line number in case of Broadband complaints?

For any enquiry on Broadband you can contact 1500 . For Helpdesk purposes you can call 1504 / 1800 22 88 44 .

Are there any shifting charges on Broadband connections?

There will be a shifting charge of Rs.100/- chargeable to customer.

Will there be any call charges for Internet usage like in case of Dialup ?

There will be no call charges for Broadband connection. You will be charged only for the data downloads.

What will be the charges if I want to migrate form One plan to another?

There will be no charges in case you wish to migrate from one broadband plan to another.


What are the advantages of MTNL Broadband connection?

Following are the main advantages of Broadband from MTNL.

  • Faster Connection i.e. dedicated bandwidth of minimum 2 Mbps.
  • You can talk on phone and surf internet at the same time.
  • You can share connection with other computer and form a network.
  • Affordable tariff plans.
  • Secure connection.
  • Always on Internet

What other services be available on MTNL Broadband?

MTNL offers following attractive Value Added Service on Triband.

  • PC Protection

What is the speed that I will be getting?

Minimum Download speed for Broadband will be 2 Mbps. 

How MTNL Broadband connection better than CABLE Internet?

MTNL provides dedicated broadband connection, whereas Cable internet is not a dedicated connection and is shared among multiple users.