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Last updated on 9th November 2022

Postpaid Roaming

Maharashtra & Goa

Call Charges  
on  BSNL Network of Maharashtra& Goa Free
to local BSNL (Maharastra & Goa) Rs. 0.80/ min
to other local networks (Maharashtra & Goa) Rs. 0.80/ min
to MTNL Mumbai Network Rs. 0.80/ min
to other networks of Mumbai Rs 1.15 / min
STD calls Rs 1.15 / min
Local Rs. 0.25
National Rs. 0.25
International Rs. 5.01
Data Charges  
GPRS data charges 3p/MB
3G  data charges 3p/MB

Rest of India

Call Charges  
Incoming  Free
to local networks Re 0.80 /min
STD calls Rs 1.15 / min
Local Rs 0.25
National Re 0.25
International Rs 5.00
Data Charges  
GPRS data charges 3p/MB
3G data charges 3p/MB

International Roaming

Activation of international Roaming

The customer will have to get in touch with a nearby CSC and pay a security deposit for activation of the international roaming facility

International Roaming Tariff:

The applicable charges are variable and dependent on foreign operators. For an updated detailed tariff of operators in various countries, we request you to contact our call center on 1503 (or +919869012345)

Usage Charging



All voice calls viz. incoming and outgoing (including calls to MTNL Customer Care) are chargeable while you are overseas. The call charges are completely operator-dependent and are in general charged for a 60-second pulse. The SMS is charged for 160 characters per outgoing SMS (For example, in the case of an SMS of 170 characters, it will be treated as 2 SMS).



The charges for GPRS/Data usages are calculated in terms of the volume of data sent or received. As with the Voice / SMS, charges here are variable and completely dependent on foreign operators. Also, note that your local plans for GPRS/

Blackberry is not valid overseas and all data usages are charges at the visited operator rates.

Blackberry Usage


When roaming abroad, receiving and sending emails adds to the data usage and is charged accordingly.

Note : Our international roaming partner M/S AT&T has stopped the 3G services in phased manner in USA. Customers are likely to be get affected while roaming there.

Refer to Annexure-A for the list of International Roaming Partners. 

Refer to Annexure-B for International Roaming Charges.