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Last Updated on 21st August 2020

Leased Circuits

Leased Circuits are dedicated link which interconnects important nodal centers and sites. The Leased Circuits are the popular medium that is being utilized Enterprises to connect their data centers, operational sites, call centers, etc to run their business applications. A leased circuit may be a speech circuit, a data circuit or a telegraph circuit. MTNL Provides different types of Leased Circuits. 

Speech Circuits

Local or Long distance circuits within two locations in a city or between two different cities provided for the same applicant. The Terminating equipment at both ends is telephone without dialing facility. Both way signaling and speech are possible.

Data Circuits

Local or Long distance data circuits at different speeds viz. 64 Kbps,nx64 Kbps, 2 Mbps and above. Data Circuits are of different types.

Point to Point Data Circuits

Useful for those data users who have to transmit the considerable volume of data between two fixed terminals located in the same city or different cities. It may be facsimile transmission data on the computer circuit.

Data services on PSTN: Can be availed from any telephone connection. The arrangement requires a data circuit termination equipment interface such as PSTN- Modem to provide normal telephone conversation & when the need for a change over to do working

Private Data Network

More than one Local or Long Distance leased circuits converging on a location such that data from one leased circuit can be transferred automatically to another leased circuit for the same subscriber.

Closed User Group

Leased circuits can be used by more than one legal entity if they form a closed user group. The following categories of user groups constitute closed user groups for the purpose of licensing Private Telecom Networks.

  • Producer of goods and his wholesale traders /agents.
  • Provider of service (not being a telecommunication service) and his wholesale traders/agents.
  • Producers of the same categories of goods.
  • Providers of the same category of service.
  • Holding company and its subsidiaries.
  • Interconnected undertakings.
  • Companies under the same management
  • Travel agents issuing tickets on the member airlines, whose network they use including the network of a group of member airlines.
  • Computerized Reservations System (CRS) service providers owned by airlines.
  • Shared networks of banks for use of Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs), Electronic Points of Sale(EPOS)/credit authorization terminals.
  • Financial institutions registered primarily to deal with securities and their agents/dealers.
  • Financial institutions registered as Mutual funds and their agents.
  • Financial institutions which are registered as depositories and their agents/dealers.
  • Other non-banking financial institutions.

International Leased Circuits

MTNL provides International Leased Circuits through Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL).

Internet Leased Lines

MTNL provides a dedicated Leased line from Customer's premises to the MTNL Internet Node.

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